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Vacuum solutions for every application

Here at Ash Air, we offer Atlas Copco Vacuum Pumps and Blowers for every industry: food packaging, electronics, glass bottle and can production, paper printing, toothpaste degassing, automotive parts handling, pharmaceuticals conveying, plastic extrusion, woodworking, brick and clay manufacture, to almost all general manufacturing, utility vacuum is used across industries in multiple applications.

As the leading innovator in the industrial vacuum market, we have continued focus on energy efficiency that translates into savings for our customers. Whatever the application, we provide the apt vacuum solution.

Talk to our team today about your vacuum pumps and blowers requirements Talk to our team today about your vacuum pumps and blowers requirements
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Efficient Vacuum Solutions Tailored for Industrial Needs in New Zealand

The essential force of vacuum plays a pivotal role in industrial settings worldwide, where maintaining a clean environment or operating below atmospheric pressure is crucial. Addressing this need, our range of vacuum solutions serves as the cornerstone for both dedicated point-of-use machines and centralized vacuum systems, available for sale in NZ.

At Ash Air, our commitment lies in enhancing industrial processes through a deep understanding of industry requirements. Continuously evolving, our team of vacuum specialists tirelessly refine our products, exploring new applications and overcoming emerging challenges. With a diverse product lineup and extensive application knowledge, we deliver bespoke vacuum solutions tailored precisely to your needs, ensuring consistent and dependable performance.

Versatile Solutions Across Industries

From food packaging to electronics, glass bottle production to automotive parts handling, vacuum finds applications across various sectors. We're proud to supply Atlas Copco Vacuum products,  pioneers in the industrial vacuum sector, our focus remains steadfast on energy efficiency, resulting in tangible cost savings for our clientele. Irrespective of the application, we offer the ideal vacuum solution, customized to optimize performance and efficiency for sale in NZ.

Ash Air's efficient offering: Atlas Copco Vacuum Solutions


How Does a Vacuum Pump Work?

Atlas Copco vacuum pumps for sale in NZ, offered by Ash Air combine intelligence, innovation and world-class craftsmanship. Built to exacting standards at our global production facilities - here's a look at what's inside the box.

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DZS Dry Claw Vacuum Pump With Modular & Simple Design

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Explore our Vacuum Pump and Blowers Selection

Browse our online catalogue and discover Atlas Copco Vacuum products for sale in New Zealand. We're excited to offer only the best on the market in NZ. Get in touch today and learn why Ash Air have over 40 years in the business, with thousands of happy customers throughout the country.