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The team at Ash Air is passionate about the performance of their products and services, with more than fifty qualified engineers working throughout the country providing unsurpassed compressed air solutions.

We look after New Zealand's air compressors and vacuum pumps, from the smallest to largest companies, and we are available 24/7 when and where you need us. Call us on 0800 274 247 to find out why we are the go-to team when it comes to vacuum pumps and air compressor.


At Ash Air we focus primarily on providing exceptional air compressor and vacuum pump services throughout New Zealand. Our quality preventative maintenance programs make up only a small percentage of the total life span of your equipment. With Ash Air there is no need to compromise on reliability, and no need for unscheduled downtime.

Call Ash Air today, we will take care of your air compressor and vacuum pump equipment today. Excellent service is our hallmark.

It all starts with great service

Compressed Air

Piston Compressors

From 1kW to 30kW, we stock a broad range of top performing oil lubricated and oil free piston air compressors. We also stock a comprehensive range of spares for the piston air compressors we sell. If you are looking for a reliable, hard-working, top quality and easily repairable single or three phase oil lubricated or oil free piston air compressor, then call one of the friendly and experienced tam at Ash Air today.

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Screw Compressors

Here at Ash Air we stock the widest range of oil flooded rotary screw air compressors in New Zealand. From 3kW to 270kW, our Chicago Pneumatic range is manufactured in European and offers modern, proven technology and built-in reliability. Our screw compressors are still the most cost effective and popular format of air compressors powering industries in New Zealand, and we service all brands of rotary screw compressors.

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Refrigeration Dryers and filtration

At Ash Air we stock top quality compressed air dryers, air receivers, and in-line filtration to give the best possible air quality your compressor can supply. We sell all the connections and plumbing components commonly used in New Zealand, and our comprehensive selection of compressed air filters is based on a unique, enhanced media to efficiently reduce all types of contamination.

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Portable & On-site Solutions

Ash Air stocks an excellent range of diesel powered oil flooded screw compressors for the construction and demolition industries. Ash Air can supply LED light towers, concrete breakers, and power generators along with all the hosing and safety components required to tie it all together. We are the go-to when it comes to portable and onsite solutions in New Zealand.

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Vacuum and Blowers

Vacuum Pumps

The team at Ash Air has an extensive range of top quality vacuum pumps and equipment, including rotary vane pumps, liquid ring pumps, claw pumps and screw pumps that are low maintenance, energy-efficient, reliable, affordable and hard working. We also stock industry-leading hire equipment that is fully serviced and ready to dispatch.

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Here at Ash Air we stock, supply and service all models and types of blowers. We have a great range of new and hire blowers from single stage ring blower through to large lobe blowers, and we also stock the service parts for common blowers across many brands. Our roots blowers, side channel blowers are built to last, and are backed up by our promise of excellent customer service to keep your business performing well day in and day out.

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Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Generators

Our nitrogen gas generators offer excellent all-in-one solutions, with technologically-advanced systems, are very convenient, space saving and easy to install. Our nitrogen generators have impressive control and monitoring capabilities with very reliable purity settings and long-lasting membrane technology. If you are after quality and excellent back-up service, then an Ash Air nitrogen generator will work for you.

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Manufacturing & Engineering

The team at Ash Air is at the heart of manufacturing in New Zealand. Our core business is providing reliable equipment and the highest possible service to our manufacturing clients. Ash Air has supplied and installed over 10,000 compressed air systems to the manufacturing sector, and our data-logging and leak detection audit reporting systems are second to none.

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Ash Air specialises in offering complete packages to supply compressed air and equipment to all sizes and types of workshops, from the one-man-band through to the biggest franchisee, we have the automotive sector in New Zealand covered. Our fully-featured oil flooded screw compressors have a small footprint and have built in air dryers and inline filtration to protect your precious air tools.

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The team at Ash Air is a quality supplier of construction equipment backed by our excellent servicing and customer service capabilities. Our LED light towers offer low operating and maintenance costs, low emissions, and low fuel consumption, and our portable gasoline and diesel generators are safe, user-friendly and built to last, the absolute smart choice.

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Food and Packaging

At Ash Air we have decades of experience scoping, supplying and installing compressed air systems tested and passed to 8573-1 class 0. Ash Air have the food and packaging industries in New Zealand covered with our exceptional quality compressed air equipment, air quality audit systems, Nitrogen Generation, and world-beating vacuum and blower equipment.

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At Ash Air we have a dedicated medical gas and vacuum division with industry experience dating back over fifty years. Ash Air have a specialist team dedicated to sourcing, supplying, installing, and servicing oxygen generator equipment, medical vacuum equipment, and medical filtration. Dentists, vets, and hospitals make up our medical gas division’s core business.

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Small business and Home Workshop

Here at Ash Air we cater for home-based and small business compressed air needs, with quality equipment, spare parts and cost-effective servicing. Ash Air stocks an excellent range of 1.5kW to 3kW single phase air compressors and vacuum pumps that are reliable, durable, and will keep your business running efficiently day in and day out.

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