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We are New Zealand's compressed air and vacuum pump specialists, providing top quality air compressors and vacuum pumps for over 40 years.

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Air Compressors 

A comprehensive range of piston air compressors, rotary screw air compressors with fixed speed, or variable speed drive, oil-free and oil-injected.

Screw Compressors Screw Compressors

Piston Compressors Piston Compressors

Air Treatment & Nitrogen 

Compressed refrigerated,  desiccant air dryers, AIRnet piping, filtration & Nitrogen to give the best possible air quality your compressor can supply.

Air Dryers Air Dryers

AIRnet Piping & Filters AIRnet Piping & Filters

Nitrogen Generation Nitrogen Generation

Onsite Solutions

Wide range of mobile diesel air compressors, generators and light towers for construction applications, blasting and roadworks.

Light Towers Light Towers

 Mobile Compressors  Mobile Compressors

Diesel Generators Diesel Generators

Vacuum Pumps & Blowers

Extensive range of industry leading claw, rotary vane, screw, liquid ring vacuum pumps and services to all our customers, plus genuine spare parts for our vacuum pumps and blowers.

Vacuum Pumps Vacuum Pumps

Blowers Blowers

Our Services 

We offer second-to-none service and deliver sustainable solutions that increase customer productivity. We service all brands, offer 24/7 breakdown support and tailored service agreements.

Compressor Services Compressor Services

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Anytime, anywhere, you can count on us. How can we help you today? Air Compressor Service? Sales? Product Information? We would be happy to answer your questions!

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Ash Air has been around in New Zealand since 1979, and we’ve grown into a nationwide company with international support and a reputation for quality and reliability.We look after all things compressed air for your business!


Businesses all over New Zealand trust us to set-up, upgrade, and look after their compressed air and vacuum systems.

Nationwide coverage

Strategically located service centres throughout New Zealand, so you’ll never be caught without the back up you need for your business’ success.


Highly skilled and dedicated technicians and sales engineers throughout the country providing exceptional service strategically.

100% support

We have helped our customers save costs, improve performance and achieve maximum efficiency for the longevity of their operations.

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Our Latest News 

Learn about our latest news in Ash Air here 

Congratulations to the new owner of a #chicagopneumatic 2.5HP #aircompressor, from South Auckland. Erikk from Ultra Laser Cutting was thrilled to have walked away with a brand new compressor for his workshop after visiting us at the EMEX 2022 trade show and scanning his details with our team for more information.

The team at Ash Air are passionate about supporting the continuity of your business 24/7; supporting all aspects of your compressed air and vacuum systems, with second-to-none service for all brands. Consistently working towards providing absolute compressed air performance for your operations, we couldn't achieve this without an intregal part of the formula: our ever-important Service Planners!

In Ash Air we encourage curiosity and creativity and believe that everyone has the opportunity to learn, every day. To celebrate our culture of continuous learning. This year, we were proud to be involved with the #NeverStopLearning Festival, aimed to give inspiration and learning opportunities in various forms., 

Our latest blogs

What do I need to know about ICONS?

Intelligent Connectivity System (ICONS) is the eyes into your compressed air system. Ditch the logbooks, the regular visits to the compressor room and dealing with surprises with your compressor. • Most maintenance organizations operate between 10% to 40% efficiency • Most spend more than 50% of time on emergency work • Reactive maintenance costs 3-5 times more than preventive maintenance.

How Much Will Compressed Air Cost You?

Compressed air is used in many different industries. From refrigerator manufacturers to toy makers, companies around the world depend on compressed air to produce products. It's so important that many consider it a utility as significant as electricity, water or natural gas.

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Compressed Air Costs?

Air compressors use considerable volumes of energy during a typical work cycle. When you add up all the expenses of operating a facility, any savings can help you boost your bottom line. 

Why do you need to filter compressed air?

Compressed air is always contaminated. Contaminants include, • Liquid oil - oil aerosols - oil vapor, Dirt - microorganisms - pipescale, Trace gases: carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide. Learn more about why you need to filter compressed air... 

What is air compressor electric motor efficiency?

As part of a concerted effort worldwide to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and the impact of industrial operations on the environment, regulatory authorities in many countries have introduced legislation to encourage the manufacture and use ...

Why is air treatment necessary?

Air is always contaminated with solid particles such as dust, sand, soot, salt crystals and water as it leaves the compressor. An effective compressed air treatment system lowers the dew point of the air and takes out the elements that may harm equipment downstream of the compressor and dryer

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