Nitrogen & Oxygen Gas Generators

Since 1966, Pneumatech has provided industry-leading compressed air treatment and on-site gas generation solutions to customers across the globe. Our on-site nitrogen and oxygen generators provide you with premium, industrial gas without the cumbersome handling of bottles, cost-efficient, easy and at the purity level required by you.


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Onsite gas generation tailored to your needs

Experience top-notch on-site nitrogen and oxygen generation in New Zealand with our advanced Pneumatech N2 and O2 gas systems. Say goodbye to the hassle of handling gas bottles, enjoy cost-effective solutions, and ensure the purity levels tailored to your specific needs in the industrial sector.

Talk to our team today about nitrogen and oxygen gas generators Talk to our team today about nitrogen and oxygen gas generators

Nitrogen Generators:

 Empower your operations with the intelligent choice of producing nitrogen on-site. Opting for an on-site nitrogen generator in New Zealand is a superior, cost-efficient, and sustainable alternative to traditional gas deliveries. Switch from Liquid Nitrogen to On-Site Generation and Cut Your Operating Cost Down.

Oxygen Generators:

Experience the cutting-edge on-site oxygen generation offered by Pneumatech, a leading air treatment and gas generation expert, proudly presented by Ash Air in New Zealand. Utilizing advanced zeolite technology, our oxygen generators efficiently separate gases, ensuring purity levels of up to 95%. From compressed air applications to critical environments like veterinary clinics and medical facilities, our machines deliver unparalleled performance. Elevate your business with a dependable O2 supply, reduce costs, and enhance operational excellence through Pneumatech's expertise, products, and services. Discover the seamless synergy of cutting-edge oxygen solutions for optimal reliability and efficiency, exclusively offered by Ash Air in New Zealand.

Explore our Industrial Gases Selection

Browse our online catalogue and discover Pneumatech Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators  for sale in New Zealand. We're excited to offer only the best on the market in NZ. Get in touch today and learn why Ash Air have over 40 years in the business, with thousands of happy customers throughout the country.

Our nitrogen gas generators offer excellent all-in-one solutions, with technologically-advanced systems, are very convenient, space saving and easy to install. Our nitrogen generators have impressive control and monitoring capabilities with very reliable purity settings and long-lasting membrane technology.

Oxygen Generators

Pneumatech gives oxygen to your business. With the PPOG series, Pneumatech offers an attractive replacement for traditional oxygen supply with very interesting returns on investment.

The PPOG1-120 series uses Pressure Swing Adsorption technology to extract oxygen from compressed air, resulting in oxygen purity levels up to 95%.

The PPOG 2-18 HE series is a true game changer in on-site oxygen generation. 30% more efficient than traditional oxygen generators, the PPOG HE gives you the oxygen volume, purity and reliability you need at a massively reduced cost and a smaller environmental footprint.

PSA Oxygen Generators
With the PPOG series, Pneumatech offers an attractive replacement for traditional oxygen supply with very interesting returns on investment.

Nitrogen Generators

Discover the inner workings, versatile applications, and numerous benefits of an N2 generator. This revolutionary machine effectively separates nitrogen from compressed air, comprised of 78% N2 and 21% O2. A gas generator stands out as the easiest, most flexible, and economically viable method for securing your own nitrogen supply. Elevate your professional approach and embrace the efficiency and sustainability offered by on-site nitrogen generation, exclusively available in New Zealand.

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"At Fisher & Paykel Appliances, compressed air and vacuum systems are an important part of our operations. Ash Air understands our needs and can solve our problems very swiftly. They have maintained our systems to a high standard. The service and support from Ash Air over the years has proven to be reliable, professional and genuine. They are highly skilled real people and we are happy to be working with them."

Shane Farrington Engineering Manager, Fisher & Paykel Appliances

"Ash Air has been pivotal in assisting Air New Zealand Engineering in our energy saving efforts. They provide us with constant improvement programs that include high quality equipment & service, Air Quality Testing, Leak Detection & Repairs and point of use improvements. Air New Zealand Engineering do our best in servicing large jet airframes and Ash Air has always been there to support our compressed air efficiency requirements." 
Harvey Roberts Senior Facilities Manager Property & Infrastructure, Auckland Jet Base, Air New Zealand Engineering

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