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Need to buy compressors that get the job done? Shop online from our comprehensive range of Chicago Pneumatic piston air compressors.

We are one of New Zealand’s leading and most trusted compressed air and vacuum specialists, and offer a fast, easy, hassle-free shopping experience with air compressors that deliver top performance and superior reliability, ideal for professional workshops, serious DIYers and handymen and women. Our CP air compressors are top quality, reliable, robust and will perform to your expectations. Chat online to one of our experienced staff members who are happy to answer your questions, or email or call us. We offer 24/7 nationwide support with industry-leading support services and genuine spare parts.

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Home Use & DIY

Here at Ash Air we cater for home-based and small business compressed air needs, with quality equipment, spare parts and DIY cost-effective servicing.


An oil-free compressor gives you the convenience of a tidy air compressor that doesn’t create any oil spillage or mess in your workspace.


At Ash Air we offer reliable and powerful mobile piston compressors for production of compressed air everywhere where there is no electricity connection.

Professional Workshop

Our reliable and user friendly air compressors can support demanding tasks ranging from ratcheting, small hammering, wrenching, and spray painting.

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