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Benefits of Vacuum Pump Overhaul

So you have a vacuum pump installed and you rely on it for your business operations and performance? Here are some reasons why you should consider overhauling your vacuum pump! s with all machinery and compressed air equipment, regular maintenance can help ensure optimised safer performance of your vacuum pump. Learn more about benefits of restoring, rebuilding and repairing your vacuum pump.

Save unnecessary expense

Save the expense of having to purchase a new vacuum pump for your business. Instead, Ash Air can restore, recondition, rebuild or repair your damaged or broken vacuum equipment to 'like new' condition!

Ash Air has a large and experienced team of specialist engineers who can repair, overhaul and rebuild your air compressors and vacuum pumps, no matter what brand they are. We overhaul all makes and models of vacuum pumps. We offer solutions that are cost effective, precision conditioning with expert support.

Improve your vacuum pumps performance through regular maintenance

As with all machinery and compressed air equipment, regular maintenance can help ensure optimised safer performance of your vacuum pump. Some things to think about with your vacuum pump is the condition of the oil. The condition of the oil used can deteriorate over time and by contamination from process gases and byproducts, indicated by a progressive change of oil color.

Regular replacement of oil will minimise wear and tear on contacting parts and prolong good vacuum performance. Cleaning and overhauling your vacuum pump to remove process deposits and replacement of the seals to prevent oil and vacuum leaks is essential to maintaining high performance of the product, as well as a clean, safe operating environment.

For vane vacuum pumps, you may need to look at the blades (vanes) on a rotary pump, which will wear with normal operation, and if accessories are fitted to your vacuum pump, they too may require maintenance. A blocked dust filter for example can impact the effciency of a pump.

We offer a full range of vacuum services, maintenance and overhauls that include the safe disposal of fluid and used components. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your vacuum needs!

The following vacuum pumps of any make can be overhauled:

Ash Air puts customers first

We keep you informed throughout the process by provide you with a list of all necessary components, services when your vacuum pump is repaired.

We have more than fifty qualified service engineers working throughout the country, and with 13 locations nationwide, we're here for you and your business' longevity around the clock. We take pride in the quality of our service and in our dedication to help our customers solve their problems. This is why we are considered a business partner by our customers!

With coverage over all regions throughout the country, over 100 staff, and hundreds of years of combined experience, you can count on us to deliver second-to-none service and sustainable solutions that increase customer productivity.


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