Our Service Agreements

An Ash Air Service Agreement is formulated for customers who want to devote valuable resources to their core business, and customers who want to benefit from the certainty of fixed maintenance costs, air compressor security and reducing any risk of unscheduled downtime. Tailored to your application and site circumstances, the maintenance schedule always fits your needs, giving you more uptime, increased reliability and ultimately more productivity, all for a fixed periodic fee. Through regular service reports we keep you up to date on your machine’s status, allowing you to make informed decisions about your production efficiency.


Our Service Agreements provide peace of mind that the air compressor will remain in optimum and reliable condition to provide compressed air to meet the demand at all times at the most equitable possible cost.

If you are wondering about how to get the most out of your compressor, in the most cost-effective way, talk to us about SCOPE, the service plan that will make your life easy!

Reasons why your business will benefit from an Ash Air Service Agreement:

Cost Saving

Enjoy up to 10% discount on our services! Choosing from our monthly or yearly plans offer a range of key benefits - professional service with quality parts, 24/7 nationwide breakdown support, fixed service price for duration of the agreement, priority service management, and ICONS remote monitoring system (yearly plan). All packaged in to one unsurpassed service agreement that saves you costs, and time!

Keeping it Fit

Factory trained engineers and quality parts guaranteed! Whatever your application, the reliable operation of your compressor is key. We ensure that maintenance is done at the right time by professionals who know your equipment inside and out. This is your best guarantee for minimal downtime. When components need to be replaced, original parts are used. Specifically designed for your equipment, they ensure continued optimal performance. Thanks to ICONS, our Intelligent Connectivity System, the actual running hours and machine condition are monitored and service is done on time, because ICONS detects problems before they can cause a breakdown of the compressor.

Peace of Mind

We take ownership of your compressor maintenance, as you will no longer need to worry about unexpected repair costs! Because our service plans offer full risk coverage you don’t have to worry about unexpected repair costs: it’s all part of the plan! No other service solution offers better protection against unwelcome surprises.

Save Energy

SCOPE helps you save money by minimizing energy consumption. Our service experts know exactly what to do and which parts to replace to keep your compressor running with maximum efficiency for the whole period between service visits.


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