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Piston Compressors: Application Areas

Piston compressors – also known as reciprocal compressors – are designed to work within certain limitations. Find out more about them here.

Vacuum Pump Technologies

You may think you know pretty much everything there is to know about vacuums. You push one around your house to pick up dust on the floor and that’s about all there is to it.

What is the difference between Wet vs. Dry Vacuum Pumps?

There are two types of vacuum pumps: the ‘wet’ kind, which is essentially a hydraulic pump, and the pneumatic, ‘dry’ variety.

Blog Focus - Pneumatech: Expert air treatment and industrial gas since 1966

What started as a family business has since grown into the world’s trusted expert in air treatment and industrial gas solutions. It’s a success story we’re proud of, a true testament to the drive and entrepreneurial spirit of our entire team.

Air dryers: FAQs

Air dryers remove any condensation from the air compressed by your air compressor. Questions about them? Find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Limiting vibrations – it’s all in the balance

Power tools are a key to productivity in the oil & gas or the metal working industry. Maintenance and production tasks must be carried out efficiently, however intensive use of vibrating power tools, such as grinders, can expose operators...

The benefits of selective soldering with nitrogen

Selective soldering with nitrogen is an essential process in the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs). It is used for bonding components to PCBs that could otherwise be damaged if exposed to a lot of heat. Another area of application are mixed-technology circuit boards with layout constraints. 

Hydrogen production: How is hydrogen made and what is it?

Hydrogen is becoming increasingly important as a promising clean energy carrier – especially with a view to a more climate-friendly future. But have you ever wondered what hydrogen actually is and how it is produced? In this article, we look at the basics and technologies used to produce hydrogen and what makes hydrogen a special element.

Why does a screw compressor need oil?

Lubrication is vital to numerous parts of the compression process. That’s why it’s important to know why and which oil is needed for your air compressor.

How to can I check if my spare parts are genuine?

In today's digital world, we search and compare compressor parts, consumables and lubricants in an instant. Avoid being scammed and make shure you buy genuine spare parts.

Case study: Atlas Copco Vacuum enables sustainable practices for energy-efficient buildings

Isola, based in Norway is a company that provides insulation products for the construction industry with a focus on sustainability and efficiency. They aim to contribute to sustainable economic growth by being a socially responsible promoter...

Choosing the right assist gas in laser cutting: nitrogen or oxygen

When it comes to laser cutting and other industrial processes, the choice of assist gas is crucial in achieving optimal results. Nitrogen and oxygen are commonly utilized as assist gases, each with its own unique properties and applications. Understanding the characteristics of both gases, will help you to make an informed decision to ensure precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in your operations.

Nitrogen generators for the wine industry: Enhancing quality and efficiency

In the world of winemaking, the pursuit of excellence and the preservation of quality are paramount. Therefore, winemakers are turning to a game-changing solution to enhance their craft: nitrogen gas. From preventing oxidation to controlling carbonation, nitrogen plays a vital role throughout the winemaking process.

Why do Wineries Need Air Compressors?

Your passion is vinification, ours is air compressors. 

Compressed air accounts for a large amount of energy consumption in the wine production process, especially in the production of grapes. A big part of wine-making is a result of the work of equipment and is dependent on its efficiency. An air compressor should be located in well ventilated, shaded areas, out of direct sunlight. This includes the inlet for the compressed air system which should be located away from heat sources such as the compressed air outlet, refrigeration or air conditioning plant and equipment.

Why Do Machine Shops Need Air Compressors?

Cutting, shaping, drilling, and finishing, compressed air is critical for any machine shop. Shops rely heavily on the compressed air system to assist in a variety of operation processes. Commonly the parts produced are used in the machine industry, car industry or even the aircraft industry. A traditional workday in a machine shop requires the use of air compressors to generate an intermittent or continuous source of pressurized air. What machines commonly require compressed air in the shop?

Compressed Air in Daily Life

Compressed air is a part of our everyday lives in unexpected ways for almost all of us.

How Loud is an Air Compressor

Causes, risks and solutions for the noise of air compressors

How to Optimise Compressor Operating Costs

Compressed air is valuable for many industrial processes, but without proper attention and maintenance it can be costly.

Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Compressors: What to know.

Variable Speed Drive compressors  are a game-changer in the world of compressed air. These compressors automatically adjust their operating speeds to match the real-time demand for compressed air. It's an important feature, especially when it comes to energy savings. Surprisingly, the electricity consumed by a compressor can account for the largest portion of its total cost of ownership, not the initial purchase price. On average, VSD technology can reduce energy costs by 35% to 50%, which translates into significant saving

How to pick the right rotary screw compressor

When an industrial application calls for a steady supply of quality air, more and more users are turning to rotary screw compressors. Their efficiency, reliability and versatility make them a great choice in these cases. But there are countless applications and many different types of rotary screw air compressors. So which one is the right one for you?

Why is a pneumatic grinder spinning too slowly?

Your tool is stalling, or is not working to its expected performance, and you find yourself asking ‘why is my angle grinder spinning too slowly?’, or ‘why has my pneumatic grinder stopped working?’, read on.

Choose the right lighting tower and sleep well

Lighting tower reminds night, but also refers to diesel engine. In turn, night reminds us of silence, which is not exactly what we associate with an engine... With urban centers becoming increasingly dense and legislation increasingly strict about noise pollution in construction sites, keeping decibels to acceptable levels has been the great challenge of the main construction equipment manufacturers.

The working principles of multistage roots vacuum pumps

Fore vacuum pumps are defined as those which exhaust to atmospheric pressure. They are also required to support secondary pumps or to attain the initial conditions for their operation. There are two types of fore vacuum pumps:

Energy Recovery in Air Compressors: Harnessing Efficiency for Sustainability

In today’s world of increasing environmental awareness and the drive for sustainable practices, industries are actively seeking innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption and minimize their carbon footprint. If your business uses air compressors, focusing on energy recovery in air compressors is one area to pay attention too. 

Compressor Terminology: What are some commonly Used Acronyms

Sometimes in the world of compressors the lingo can be confusing. Unless you are totally immersed in the compressor industry, some of the terminology might be completely lost on you. 

What Is Vacuum? All You Need To Know.

Let's start with the most basic question of all - What is a vacuum?

Controlling your nitrogen purity made easy

On-site nitrogen generators have many benefits over bottled gas. One is that they allow you to select your nitrogen purity. Here is how.

Why is saving energy important? A focus on ALUP range offered by Ash Air

Did you know that 70% of the total cost of compressor installation consists of energy costs?

There are many reasons why saving energy is important for your business as it helps you in many ways to make your business more efficient as well as providing you with many different forms of value. Ash Air's range of Alup products can help you become more energy efficient to help reduce energy bills, reduce your costs and comply with all environmental legislation.

What to Know About Compressed Air

Exactly what is compressed air? Where does it come from? What is it for? When we compress—or squeeze—air into a small space, we call it compressed air. When humans discovered the ability to compress air, civilisation made a huge leap forward. The reason? Compressed air opened the door to all kinds of new production methods. 

Compressed Air Filter: Surface Filtering

What is surface filtering? How does it help production? Find out here

Upgrading Your Compressor: When is the Right Time?

Air Compressors are essential tools in a variety of industrial settings. No matter what industry you are in having a reliable air compressor can be a crucial part of getting the job done efficiently. However, like an investment, air compressors require upkeep and maintenance, and eventually will need to be upgraded. But how do you know when it’s time to upgrade your air compressor? Here are some things you need to consider.

3 Things To Consider When Choosing the Right Vacuum Technology

There are three key factors to remember when researching and choosing the proper vacuum pump for your process: how the vacuum pump will impact the application and vice-versa; what the application’s vacuum requirements are; and the complete cost of ownership.

Stay Connected with your Air Compressor Remotely With ICONS

Did you know that conducting an air compressor health check has become even easier? Getting easy and affordable access to your compressor status information at your fingertips with our Intelligent CONnectivity System (ICONS

Is your Compressed Air Piping leak free?

Compressed air system leaks are indeed a big source of energy waste. Leakage in piping systems have been shown to exhibit leaks of up to 25 percent of the total energy costs. Addressing leaks is one of the first maintenance steps a facility can take to reduce energy costs.

5 Things to Know about Atlas Copco’s Vacuum Solutions Portfolio

Ash Air is proud to introduce Atlas Copco’s Vacuum Solutions in New Zealand. Here are five things to know about Atlas Copco Vacuum Solutions!

Do you need an onsite or offsite vacuum pump?

From small-scale experiments to large industrial production lines, vacuum pump failure can force your project into downtime — leading to missed deadlines and revenue loss. For many organisations, sourcing an onsite or offsite backup pump is crucial to safeguarding projects. 

Here, we explore whether your project would benefit from keeping spare vacuum pumps. Let’s begin by looking at having an onsite backup. 

Why is leak detection important for your vacuum system?

If you have a vacuum system, you need a helium leak detector. You spend a lot of money on vacuum pumps, piping, hardware, and gauges, but if you have a leak, your system ends up not working effectively and you're throwing away money. Leak detection is an important step that you should not skip during your vacuum system application.

Efficiency of Compressed Air Distribution and Piping

Think about efficiency for a minute. Every year with constant innovation, things are becoming even more efficient. Everything from electronics to industrial machinery are being developed to get more done faster while using less power.

Luck of the Irish and Compressed Air Give Us Beer

With the Luck of the Irish and a little help from air compressors we will all be enjoying a pint of our favorite beer this St. Patrick’s Day!

What Causes Liquid Ring Pump Cavitation and How To Prevent It?

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are commonly used in a variety of industries for applications that require the reliable vacuum. These pumps work by using a liquid ring to compress air and other gases in the system. However, these pumps can sometimes cavitate, which can lead to damage and decreased efficiency. In this article, we will explore the reasons why liquid ring vacuum pumps cavitate and how to prevent it from happening.

What is compressed air humidity?

The air surrounding us is a mixture of fry air and water vapor. The amount of water in the air depends on the temperature and volume of the gas. The higher the air temperature, the higher the air's ability to absorb more moisture. Find out about compressed air humidity here.

The Dangers of a Load Too Small for a Diesel Power Generator

The generator starts up, and not long after, white smoke and oil are seen coming out of the exhaust. It is new, and tested, good quality diesel... I wonder what happened?

Compressed air so portable it even reaches the moon.

Did you know that Chicago Pneumatic helped man land on the moon? Notice in this photo of the Apollo 11 landing what appear to be "soccer balls" on top of the capsule. They were inflated through a compressor specially developed by Chicago Pneumatic for NASA.

7 important gas generation energy saving tips

Investing in an on-site industrial gas generator is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint and your operating costs. Once you have taken this important step, there are some other things you can do to maximize your gas generation energy savings. Here are seven of them.

The importance of saving energy when compressing air

For many businesses, preserving energy and becoming more sustainable have become top priorities. That not only saves them money but also makes them more competitive in the future, when demand for “green” products and services will only increase. Not just because governments mandate greater sustainability but also because customers expect it.

Compressed Air in everyday Life

While you relax and read this, do you see an electronic appliance around you? Wondering how could you relate to the current read? We got you! Compressed air is all around, in the electronic appliances you use right now.

Selecting the right compressed air dryer

How do you know which type of compressed air dryer will best meet your needs? These insights will help you make the right decision.

How nitrogen makes plant based meat better

How is plant based meat made? And how does nitrogen make it taste better?