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Air Compressor Installation Tips

Air Compressor Installation Tips Installing Your Reliable Air Compressor

So, you've just bought an efficient and reliable ALUP air compressor? Welcome to the world of compressed air. As your partners in compressed air, we will continue to assist you along your journey. We have provided air compressor installation tips to ensure you get the most out of your air compressor. 

5 Tips to Save Energy on Your Compressed Air Installation

5 Tips to Save Energy on Your Compressed Air Installation Read our tips to discover how you can save on energy costs

How can I maximise the performance of my compressor?

Maintenance is key to continuing the performance of your air compressor. Continue to read about maximising the performance and longevity of your compressor and some air compressor maintenance tips!

What is the difference between Fixed Speed and Variable Speed Drive Compressors?

Fixed Speed? VSD? Find out between the two speed compressors and the benefit of each! 

Why do I need a dryer for my compressor?

A common questions asked is why do I need an air dryer for my compressor? Typically, air compressors produce water, and although the water can be drained, there can still be aerosol and vapour droplets that are present. This is because water cannoet be compressed. Water can damage your compressor by corroding the valves, pipes and machinery controls, which will cost you time and money to resolve. In the long run, the cost of a new compressor is a small price to pay compared to the loss of production that could potentially arise due to water damage in your compressor.

How do I winterise my air compressor?

That cold, rainy, and in some places icey New Zealand winter is upon us, and with the following air compressor tips, your air system will be prepared with the preferred temperatures, despite the weather outside. Regardless of whether or not it actually snows or freezes up where you live, most winterisation service recommendations are also basic, solid maintenance procedures that will help extend the life and operational efficiencies of air compressors regardless of whether you live in Queenstown or Northland.

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