Producing your own nitrogen is a winning proposition

Time to abandon the nitrogen bottle?

If your job requires nitrogen, there is a good chance you work with nitrogen bottles delivered by an industrial gas supplier. There is also a good chance you are looking for an alternative to these gas deliveries. For one, because the cost of purchased gas keeps surging. There is also the logistics of storing and handling all those nitrogen cylinders. Of course, there is the bigger question: is your supplier dependence for such a critical resource a smart choice for your business? After all, supply chain issues have been a constant in recent years. The solution is simple: produce your own nitrogen. All it takes to achieve supply independence and a lower cost of gas is a nitrogen generator connected to a compressor. 

What are the advantages of on-site nitrogen generation?

Having an on-site nitrogen generator can avoid production downtime, eliminate logistical hassles, and save you money:

No more nitrogen bottles?

So should you say goodbye to the nitrogen bottle? Not necessarily. The issue is the high cost (in many respects) of purchased nitrogen, not the gas cylinders themselves. In fact, you can choose to add a gas bottle rack to your on-site nitrogen generation system. Filling your own nitrogen bottles allows you to manage sudden peaks in demand. You can also use them as back-up storage. 

A solution for your specific nitrogen needs

Running your own on-site nitrogen generation system gives you control over your nitrogen supply with a solution selected to meet your specific needs. This is an area where Pneumatech excels. We are a specialist in on-site industrial gas generation and compressed air treatment. We offer a wide and flexible range of top quality nitrogen generation systems. More than that, we can be your nitrogen generation partner. We can give you all the answers you need, and help you through the specification process. We will also make sure your gas generation system (with or without nitrogen bottles) works smoothly. 

Oxygen Generators

Pneumatech gives oxygen to your business. With the PPOG series, Pneumatech offers an attractive replacement for traditional oxygen supply with very interesting returns on investment.

The PPOG1-120 series uses Pressure Swing Adsorption technology to extract oxygen from compressed air, resulting in oxygen purity levels up to 95%.

The PPOG 2-18 HE series is a true game changer in on-site oxygen generation. 30% more efficient than traditional oxygen generators, the PPOG HE gives you the oxygen volume, purity and reliability you need at a massively reduced cost and a smaller environmental footprint.

PSA Oxygen Generators
With the PPOG series, Pneumatech offers an attractive replacement for traditional oxygen supply with very interesting returns on investment.

Nitrogen Generators

Discover the inner workings, versatile applications, and numerous benefits of an N2 generator. This revolutionary machine effectively separates nitrogen from compressed air, comprised of 78% N2 and 21% O2. A gas generator stands out as the easiest, most flexible, and economically viable method for securing your own nitrogen supply. Elevate your professional approach and embrace the efficiency and sustainability offered by on-site nitrogen generation, exclusively available in New Zealand.

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