Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Experience Pure, Oil-Free Air with ALUP, WISair and SpiralAIR oil-free rotary screw air compressors

Ensuring complete confidence in the oil-free status of your compressed air is crucial. ALUP's oil-free air compressor solutions are the ideal choice when you require the assurance of 100% oil-free compressed air in your operations. These compressors eliminate any potential risk of oil vapor in your compressed air system, providing a guarantee of oil-free compressed air like no other compressor can offer. Explore our range of oil-free compressors below.

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100% oil-free air compressors providing a low total cost of ownership

Our oil-free air compressors achieve Class 0 status, ensuring 100% oil-free performance and meeting the ISO 8573-1 (2010) standard. This standard signifies the highest level of air purity, eliminating any risk of oil contamination. Rely on our air compressors to deliver the purest compressed air, free from any potential contamination, ensuring the cleanliness of your products.

Promoting Sustainable Production

Oil-free air compressors offer the advantage of minimal leaks and energy waste, contributing to environmental sustainability. With ALUP oil-free compressors, you can protect the environment and achieve the sustainability goals you desire. The use of an oil-free air compressor provides assurance that critical processes remain uncontaminated.

Cost Reduction

Oil-free air compressors contribute to expense reduction by minimizing costs associated with filter replacements, treatment for oily condensate, and filter pressure drops. The low maintenance costs of oil-free air compressors help keep overall expenses down. Furthermore, the absence of contamination risk ensures uninterrupted production without downtime.

Reliable Oil-Free Compressors

Investing in an oil-free air compressor guarantees outstanding reliability, coupled with low maintenance and operating costs. Explore the available options for oil-free air compressors below, and delve deeper into the topic by visiting our compressed air blog through the provided links


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Why Efficiency Matters

Energy costs represent about 70% of the total operating cost of your compressor over a 5-year period. Therefore, reducing the energy consumption of your compressed air installation should be a major focus to ensure the lowest cost of ownership.

Explore Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Discover the advantages that oil free screw air compressors can bring to your business below. Additionally, explore the various options within our range of rotary screw air compressors. Our offerings include energy-efficient air compressors, industrial air compressors with fixed speed, and essential demand solutions