Air Compressors, Air Dryers and Air Treatment

Explore our extensive selection of rotary screw, piston, and mobile air compressors, air dryers and AIRnet piping systems for total compressed air solutions

Whether it's low, medium, or high-pressure applications, we have reliable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solutions for you. Our industrial-grade air compressors include rotary screw, variable speed, fixed speed, oil-free, petrol, and piston models, all boasting low life cycle costs.

Enhance air quality with our range of air treatment solutions, including line filters, refrigerant and adsorption dryers, oil-water separators, condensate drains, and air receivers. With energy efficiency and a compact footprint, our air compressors are perfect for a wide range of NZ applications. Discover the ideal air compressor industrial solution tailored to your specific applications and elevate your operational efficiency today.

Talk to our team today about your compressed air requirements Talk to our team today about your compressed air requirements

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Why choose an air compressor solution from Ash Air? 

Reliable Air Compressors for Uninterrupted Production:

The continuity of your production is crucial, and our world renown CP and ALUP compressors, with over 100 years of development in compressed air technology, are among the most reliable in the industry.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Compressor Systems:

Air compressors are significant long-term investments for industrial businesses and our compressors boast the lowest total cost of ownership. Our energy-efficient variable speed drive (VSD) motors minimize power usage, reducing your bottom line by up to 80%.

Tailored Compressor Installations for Your Needs:

Whether it's optimizing factory footprint, ensuring a quiet compressor, seeking turnkey installation, our sales team considers your specific requirements. Our tailored offers meet the diverse needs of your New Zealand factory. 

Versatile Air Compressor and Air Treatment Solutions:

Explore our range of Chicago Pneumatic, ALUP oil-injected and oil-free industrial compressors and Pneumatech refrigerated and desiccant air dryers, suitable for diverse applications. Whatever your industry: automotive, marine, medical, engineering and more,  Ash Air offers customised compressed air packages to meet your specific needs. Contact our team today to find the right compressed air system for you, including Pneumatech air treatment options.

Reliable Aftermarket Support:

Benefit from our extensive aftermarket service portfolio, ensuring high availability and reliability for your air compressor industrial applications. Our local, NZ wide service technicians provide expert advice, maximising your system's uptime. Discover top-notch air compressor parts and services tailored to your requirements.

Here at Ash Air, we intelligently analyse and identify the most appropriate system that will realise the greatest energy savings and cost advantages for your business longevity. Our innovative solutions are flexible and tailored to suit the exact needs of individual facilities and industry. With this approach, we actively reduce your energy usage and operational costs.

Our Compressed Air Product Range

Our selection of air compressors encompasses rotary screw, piston, centrifugal, and vane models, with options for both oil-free and oil-lubricated systems, as well as high-pressure and portable designs. Ash Air offers innovative solutions tailored to fulfill every customer's requirements for compressed air and gas.