Oil-Free Screw Compressors

No Risk of Contamination with Drying Compressors

Are you running a production where there should be no risk of oil contamination to the product? This is where the oil-free air compressor comes in. Also known as a dry screw compressor it ensures that the risk of contamination is eliminated. 

Find out how the drying compressor achieves this below. We also have a range of oil-free air compressors available to suit your needs here. Check them out below.

ALUP's OF Oil-Free Compressor

The dry or "oil free" screw compressor compresses air without cooling the compression chamber. The compressor's operating temperature therefore rises to about 200°C, even at an operating pressure of 300 kPa. 

For normal industrial air pressure (about 700 kPa), the drying compressor must therefore compress the air in two stages and cool the compressed air between the compression stage.

ALUP Oil-Free Variable Speed Drive Compressor - 75 - 220 HP range - Class Zero

ALUP Oil-Free Variable Speed Drive Compressor - 75 - 220 HP range - Class Zero

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ALUP Oil-Free Variable Speed Drive Compressor | OF Series - 20-75 HP

ALUP Oil-Free Variable Speed Drive Compressor | OF Series - 20-75 HP

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Who we are and how we can help!

Ash Air has been around in New Zealand since 1979, and we’ve grown into a nationwide company with international support and a reputation for quality and reliability.

We look after all things compressed air for your business!

Ash Air's range of Chicago Pneumatic, Alup, Pneumatech, and Quincy compressors are used extensively around the world in industries ranging from oil and gas to food, automotive and farming, and we bring you these world class compressors here in the land of the long white cloud.

Our technicians are compressed air equipment experts and are dedicated to addressing customer needs. Supported by a 13 locations nationwide, Ash Air offers one of the widest selections of compressed air equipment and parts available today in New Zealand.

Reliability and Efficiency

With Ash Air compressors, you can count on reliability and high performance for even the most demanding applications. We focus our efforts on the following:

Extensive Product Line

We offer a broad array of products, from world class compressor brands, including a full range of rotary and reciprocating air compressors from ½ to 200 horsepower. We serve the compressed air needs of many industries such as the following:


In our effort to prioritise the needs of our customers, we work hard to provide solutions. We continually introduce innovative products here at Ash Air to our Kiwi customers, so our end users can rely on us to meet evolving compressed air needs.


We offer an extensive array of air compressor parts and services through our direct locations throughout New Zealand. Continued growth means our operations continue to operate on a national level.

In our effort to provide the best possible support, we offer the following remote monitoring, preventative maintenancevacuum pump services and overhaulcompressor and pipework installationshire fleet and leasing solutionsleak detection's and energy audits, and breakdown recovery and emergency air.

When considering new energy-efficient air compressors or an upgrade to more energy-efficient machinery, Ash Air can help you make the right choices for your business.

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