Fixed Speed Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps

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The DZS series of fixed speed dry vacuum pumps are a range of Class 0 certified dry claw vacuum pumps; single-stage, oil-free and air-cooled. 

This claw pump is contactless and does not need oil, and is ideal as a rotary claw vacuum pump for a number of applications, either as a compressor or vacuum pump.

Talk to our team today about fixed speed dry claw vacuum pumps Talk to our team today about fixed speed dry claw vacuum pumps

Enhanced performance

Higher pumping speeds, faster processes and increased productivity meet demanding production requirements

Lower noise levels

Redesigned next-generation silencer significantly reduces noise levels while maintaining vacuum performance

Inlet non return valve

Isolates pump from process when the pump is switched off preventing any damage caused by backflow

Improved reliability

Longer lifespan and improved durability help reduce downtime and maintenance costs

Simplified maintenance

Separate and isolated pumping element and quick access to the pumping chamber ensures ease of service and on-site maintenance

Multiple variants available

Fixed speed IE4 motor, bare shaft, pressure and oxygen variants available

DZS A Series – The Next Stage Of Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps

Atlas Copco’s second-generation DZS A series dry mono claw vacuum pumps are the new standard of vacuum efficiency. Taking a step further from the previous generation, these pumps provide superior vacuum performance with high pumping speeds and deep ultimate vacuum levels. The DZS series dry mono claw vacuum pumps also ensure high energy savings and low maintenance costs, so that you can easily meet your sustainability goals with no lag in operational efficiency.

Designed for enhanced performance and long-term durability, the latest dry mono claw vacuum pumps feature cutting-edge construction materials and coatings.

They are engineered to deliver reliable operation across various applications and under harsh environmental conditions. Discover the numerous advantages of the DZS 065-300A series, including cost savings from reduced energy usage, dependable performance in demanding environments, seamless integration due to its compact design, and effective handling of contaminants.

Our commitment to delivering value is evident in this next-generation series, underscoring our ongoing efforts in continuous enhancement. With upgraded performance, increased reliability, and reduced noise levels, this series delivers significant benefits to our clientele.

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