Oxygen Generators

Discover membrane technology for your operations and save costs!

If you operate within the realm of hyperbaric therapy, aquaculture, and the production of ozone and biogas, leveraging on-site oxygen generators proves invaluable for securing top-tier pressurized gas. Opting to generate your oxygen on-site, rather than relying on external suppliers, offers a multitude of advantages. Beyond ensuring absolute control over the oxygen's quality, you also eradicate the complexities associated with logistical deliveries. The cost savings derived from producing your oxygen in-house typically surpass the initial investment outlay. Elevate your operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness by taking charge of your oxygen supply through on-site generation.

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What is a Pneumatech oxygen generator?

Operating with compressed air, this device employs zeolite to effectively separate gases. Zeolite acts by adsorbing and isolating nitrogen, leaving behind only the oxygen. This mechanism enables oxygen generators to achieve purity levels of up to 95%. Remarkably, machines from Pneumatech, for instance, are deployed in highly sterile settings like veterinary clinics and various medical facilities.

The benefits of on-site oxygen generators

Saving time, money, and resources, generating your own oxygen comes with many benefits (compared to third-party deliveries). 

1. Cost efficiency
Producing your own oxygen with the purity you need allows you to significantly reduce gas costs. The cost per unit of O2 is 50-90% lower with Pneumatech's PPOG HE generator, compared to bottled or liquid oxygen.

2. Sustainability
Eliminate transport emissions generated by oxygen deliveries. In addition, Pneumatech's on-site generation solutions are super-efficient, minimizing your energy use and environmental footprint. For example, our PPOG HE generator is 30% more efficient than traditional oxygen generators.

3. A reliable O2 supply
No need to count on external vendors. On-site generation gives you complete control over your oxygen source.

4. No logistics
Say goodbye to monitoring your Ologistics, working with vendors, and facilitating deliveries.

How does an oxygen generator function?

The predominant machines for oxygen delivery are Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) generators. These typically consist of two zeolite adsorption cylinders that pressurize and separate the 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen found in regular air. In this system, drums are utilized for continuous gas production and energy efficiency. Nitrogen separation is part of the process, often regenerated to maintain optimal air pressure in each drum.

The PPOG HE model enhances efficiency with variable air flow based on demand.To ensure a consistent oxygen supply, a storage tank collects gas for future or peak demand. The entire setup, including the generator, air compressor, dryer, and piping, can be stacked for a compact footprint. Pneumatech's oxygen generators are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure., wherever you are in New Zealand.