Nitrogen Generators

Onsite gas generation tailored to your needs

Discover high-quality nitrogen and oxygen production on location in New Zealand using our state-of-the-art Pneumatech N2 and O2 gas systems. Eliminate the inconvenience of managing gas cylinders, benefit from cost-efficient options, and guarantee purity levels customized to meet your unique requirements no matter your industrial application.

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What is a nitrogen generator?

A nitrogen generator is a machine that separates nitrogen from compressed air, which consists of 78% N2 and 21% O2. A gas generator is the easiest, most flexible, cost-efficient and sustainable way of obtaining your own nitrogen supply.

The benefits of on-site nitrogen generation

On-site generation offers convincing benefits compared to liquid or gaseous N2 deliveries.

1. Cost efficiency
Producing your own nitrogen with the purity you need allows you to significantly reduce your cost of gas

2. Sustainability
Eliminate the transport emissions that nitrogen deliveries generate. In addition, Pneumatech’s on-site generation solutions are super efficient, minimizing your energy use and your environmental footprint.

3. A reliable nitrogen supply
No need to count on external vendors. On-site generation gives you complete control over your nitrogen supply.

4. No logistics
Say goodbye to always monitoring your N2 supply, working with vendors, and tracking and handling deliveries. 

How does a nitrogen generator work?

To produce your own nitrogen, all you need is a compressor and a nitrogen generator. That’s because air consists of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. When you feed compressed air into a nitrogen generator, it separates the N2 from the O2. There are two main technologies to produce nitrogen:

PSA technology
Utilizing PSA technology, Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) effectively isolates nitrogen from compressed air by utilizing adsorbent materials. By passing the air through a vessel containing Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS), the oxygen is captured, allowing only nitrogen of up to 99.999% purity to exit. PSA generators are well-suited for applications requiring high-flow and high-purity nitrogen.

Membrane technology
Membrane technology is a very simple, reliable and continuous N2 production method. Compressed air is pushed through hollow polymer membranes. The oxygen in the air escapes through the fiber walls and permeates into the atmosphere. This leaves quality nitrogen with a purity between 95% and 99.5% at the generator outlet.

The use of nitrogen is required in countless industrial and professional applications

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