Compressed Air Line Filters

Effective line filters for reliable protection of your compressed air network

As the compressed air and vacuum specialists the team at Ash Air offers an innovative range of compressed air filters, compressed air receivers and piping that provides the best air quality possible to our customers throughout New Zealand.

Contaminated air in compressed air line leads to a significant reduction in equipment efficiency, its wear, corrosion and leaks. Chicago Pneumatic offers a complete family of high-performance line filters to ensure removal of all types of pollution to improve the quality of compressed air and to protect your equipment.

Talk to our team today about compressed air filters Talk to our team today about compressed air filters

If your applications rely on the cleanest compressed air, our air compressor line filters will deliver.

Critical Cartridges for Enhanced Air Quality

Air quality is paramount, with specific requirements tailored to your application and production equipment. Our efficient line filters are essential for removing impurities such as solid particles, moisture, and oil aerosols or vapor. They help minimize pressure drops, aiding in achieving energy-saving goals.

Why choose Ash Air air line filters?

Minimize pressure drops:

Our filters reduce pressure drop by 40% and save on energy consumption.

Long lifetime:

Our stainless-steel filter cores are designed to withstand pressures differences, protecting the integrity of the filter.

Easy maintenance:

Our push-on filter element simplifies installation and maintenance. Reliability is ensured by the double O-rings that eliminate leakage of unfiltered air.


The quality and lifetime performance of our air line filters are awarded ISO8573 and ISO12500 certification by trusted organizations..

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Explore our range of air compressor filtration

Browse our online catalogue and discover filtration options for your compressed air system  for sale in New Zealand. We're excited to offer only the best on the market in NZ. Get in touch today and learn why Ash Air have over 40 years in the business, with thousands of happy customers throughout the country.

Ash Air offers you a comprehensive line-up of innovative filter solutions to meet your specific needs. Our filtration solutions are engineered to provide the best air quality. For general applications, we provide oil coalescing, particulate and oil vapour filters in a wide range of flows and pressures.

Chicago Pneumatic Line Filters 720 - 40,500 l/min

Chicago Pneumatic Line Filters 720 - 40,500 l/min

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