Chicago Pneumatic Line Filters 720 - 40,500 l/min

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Effective line filters for reliable protection of your compressed air network

Contaminated air in compressed air line leads to a significant reduction in equipment efficiency, its wear, corrosion and leaks. Chicago Pneumatic offers a complete family of high-performance line filters to ensure removal of all types of pollution to improve the quality of compressed air and to protect your equipment.

The untreated compressed air always contains contaminants because of the nature of the gas and how it is produced. The need for air treatment basically results from 3 characteristics of compressed air:

  1. Compressed air is always wet: Liquid water - water aerosols - water vapour
  2. Compressed air is always contaminated: Oil, Dirt, Trace gases
  3. Compressed air composes of other gases What problems can the contaminants cause

Ash Air offers you a comprehensive line-up of innovative filter solutions to meet your specific needs. Our filtration solutions are engineered to provide the best air quality. For general applications, we provide oil coalescing, particulate and oil vapour filters in a wide range of flows and pressures.

Cost effective

Thanks to improved fiber filling and triple filtering function you
can experience minimum pressure drop, and effective
filtering of your air

Reliable and durable

Through anodic oxidation we significantly extends the life-span of filter
housing, less maintenance - easier operations

Compact and easy

Compatibility with all compressor technologies and easy to install in
an existing compressed air system using accessories provided

Pure compressed air according to ISO standard

Depending on the application air with specified purity is needed. We offer filters with performance from 720 to 40500 l/min, with filtration class from 3 to 0.01 micrometers.

Features & Benefits

Guaranteed air purity

High-efficient glass fibre and foam media
No risks of cracked filter media or leakages

Significant energy savings

Minimum pressure losses

Highest quality standards

In-house R&D and production
Strict quality control
Qualified according to ISO standards

Robust design

Stainless steel cores guarantee ultimate strength
Protection paper to avoid damaging of glass fibre media
Anti-corrosive coated filter housing

Easy service and installation

Push-on filter cartridges elements
Different colour for different grade

Six filter types to cover all purity requirements

C-filter range

High-efficiency coalescing filters, removing solid particles, liquid water and oil aerosol. Total Mass Efficiency: 99,9 %. For optimum filtration, a C filter should be preceded by a G filter at all times.

D-filter range

High-efficiency particulate filters for dust protection. Count Efficiency: 99,97 % at Most Penetrating Particle Size (MPPS = 0,06 micron). A D filter should be preceded by an S filter at all times and is commonly fitted after an adsorption dryer.

G-filter range

Coalescing filters for general purpose protection, removing solid particles, liquid water and oil aerosol. Total Mass Efficiency: 99%. For optimum filtration, a G filter should be preceded by a water separator.

P-filter range

Coalescing and particulate general purpose pre-filter. Removes solid particles, dust, liquid and oil aerosol. Total Mass Efficiency: 90%

S-filter range

Particulate filters for dust protection. Count Efficiency: 99,81 % at Most Penetrating Particle Size (MPPS = 0,1 micron). An S filter should be preceded by a dryer at all times.

V-filter range

Activated carbon filter for removal of oil vapour and hydrocarbon odors with a maximum remaining oil content of 0,003 mg/m³ (0,003 ppm). 1000 hour lifetime.