Start producing your own Nitrogen with Ash Air! Special Offer

It is time to abandon the N2 bottle!

Do you regularly consume nitrogen in your company? If so you are more than aware of what an ordeal nitrogen tank rental and delivery can be. The rental and delivery service is very expensive, replacing tanks regularly causes unnecessary downtime and added labour costs, the gas company’s contracts can be hard to get out of. The bulky nitrogen cylinders take up a lot of floor space in your facility, having vessels of gas under high pressure, is an ever-present health and safety risk. … and the list goes on. Did you know that you can start saving money by generating your own nitrogen?

Produce nitrogen yourself and save enormously!

Nitrogen is part of our air and can be produced easily and inexpensively using the compressor that is already available in your company and is therefore always available.  You avoid costs for cumbersome logistics, minimize the risks of handling gas cylinders, are no longer dependent on external suppliers and no longer require storage space. In addition, around 10% of the gas usually remains in the cylinder and cannot be used. You save up to half the cost! So avoid the bottleneck in your nitrogen supply and make the switch today!

Why switch to on-site nitrogen?

Switch and save today and stop relying on third party suppliers! We offer a range of generators that allow you to produce nitrogen at your own facility to whatever purity level your application requires! On-site nitrogen allows you to reduce the waste, control the purity, and have nitrogen gas available at your fingertips 24/7. Our nitrogen generators are available in both PSA and membrane technologies.

With all this in mind, why stick with bottled N2?

Advantages of onsite nitrogen generation

Improves shelf life

Not only does a nitrogen atmosphere limit the shelf life of the valuable raw ingredient (hops) in storage, the use of nitrogen across the brewing process extends the shelf life of the final product.

Lower cost

Capital investment in onsite nitrogen generators are recovered quickly, given that nitrogen is cheaper to generate compared to traditional third-party gas supply, which also requires several hours of order co-ordination and runs up carbon costs through transportation.


While high-pressure cylinders present a safety risk and must be subject to rigorous protocols, onsite nitrogen generators are far safer and subject to the same protocol as air compressors.

Saves time

Co-ordinating supply and deliveries of nitrogen supply takes time. Onsite nitrogen generation ensures nitrogen availability on demand.

Limits wastage

When using third-party nitrogen tanks, unused nitrogen is usually ‘blown off’ to prevent the risk of explosions. This results in gas wastage. With onsite gas generation, nitrogen is produced only as required.

A complete solution

You are looking for a complete nitrogen solution including a compressed air station? Talk to us, we can provide you with a complete offer including a compressor and all components to ensure a flawless installation

Want to know about our special offer to start producing Nitrogen... learn more here!

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