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  • Chicago Pneumatic Light Tower CPLT H6 LED

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    Make the More Efficient Choice - Chicago Pneumatic CPLT H6 LED Light Tower

    Equipped with wheels and featuring high-efficiency LED lamps with specially-designed optics to maximise light coverage and brightness, the new CPLT H6LED offers greater luminosity and improved transportability with the goal of reducing overall operational costs. The combination of efficiency, toughness and portability ensures that the new models can meet the demands of applications including construction sites, events, rental and oil and gas.

    The CPLT H6 LED is equipped with four 350W high-efficiency LED lamps, which are equivalent to four 1,000W metal halide lamps. The effect is to maximise coverage up to 5,000sqm, while reducing fuel consumption by up to 70 per cent. Longer refuelling intervals are enabled by a 130-litre fuel tank that supports run times of up to 185 hours.

    The stamina of the light tower is enhanced by IP67 protection of its LED lamps, which offer up to 30,000 hours of life before replacements are required. An optional Lc1003 digital controller provides mast and photocell control and enables alerts to indicate any incidence of low oil pressure, high temperature or engine problems, which can help reduce operational and maintenance costs.

    The CPLT H6 LED features a galvanized hydraulic seven-metre mast, plus four heavy-duty stabilisers, to ensure reliability and operator safety. Both of these are essential in the challenging conditions in which light towers are likely to operate.





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