Variable Speed Drive Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps

Enhanced performance, minimized energy usage, and simplified maintenance procedures. With the introduction of the DZS VSD⁺ intelligent vacuum pump, customers can expect these benefits and beyond. Embrace the concept of intelligence, optimization, a seamless plug & play pump setup, digital integration, and access through a mobile application.


Atlas Copco VSD dry claw vacuum pumps have consistently provided reduced lifecycle expenses...

DZM 600-1200 VSD⁺ - A complete multi-claw vacuum pumping system in a box. A solution perfectly designed to meet your larger process demands.

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The Variable speed variants have VSD+ inverter drive technology built-in. The DZS series of dry vacuum pumps are a range of Class 0 certified dry claw vacuum pumps; single-stage, oil-free and air-cooled.

Atlas Copco DZM VSD⁺ A Series Dry Multi Claw Vacuum Pump | 1200 - 1600 VSD+

Atlas Copco DZM VSD⁺ A Series Dry Multi Claw Vacuum Pump | 1200 - 1600 VSD+

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Atlas Copco DZS VSD⁺ Dry Claw Vacuum Pump | 100 - 400 VSD+

Atlas Copco DZS VSD⁺ Dry Claw Vacuum Pump | 100 - 400 VSD+

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Plug & play

A complete package including the DZS claw vacuum pumps and the common inlet manifold and an exhaust manifold resulting in two simple pipe connections

Low noise

Atlas Copco prides itself on offering environmentally friendly solutions and noise plays a big part. Our reputation for designing and building noise reducing canopies is renowned in the industry

Smart design

The silent DZM canopy houses a stack of reliable claw elements to increase pumping capacity while maintaining a process set pump with clean, dry variable vacuum performance. The modular design allows flexibility and efficiency in terms of maintenance and life cycle costs

Complete controllability

Controlled by a single intuitive HMI, the DZM VSD⁺ is the perfect centralized high capacity dry vacuum pump. The controller comes with a built-in frequency inverter for the lead pump and the lag pumps are started with soft starters to lighten the load and lengthen the life of the pump

Introducing the DZM VSD⁺ series

- an all-inclusive multi-claw vacuum pumping system. We present a comprehensive solution enclosed in a single package, tailored to address your extensive process requirements using the established Atlas Copco compressor principles. This vacuum pumping solution provides full control, ranging from 44 to 1,230 m3/h, all integrated within a single cabinet and designed with a straightforward 'plug & play' approach.

The DZM VSD⁺ is ideally suited for:

  • Woodworking
  • Product handling
  • Food processing
  • Filtration

The DZS VSD⁺ series

Comprises Mono-claw Dry Vacuum pumps equipped with Variable Speed Drive technology. Included in this series are the DZS 100 VSD⁺, DZS 200 VSD⁺, DZS 400 VSD⁺, DZS 600 VSD+, and DZS 1200 VSD+ models, all of which are single-stage, oil-free, air-cooled units with integrated VSD⁺ inverter drive technology. Engineered for rough vacuum applications, these pumps are characterized by their longevity, durability, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Designed with a sturdy construction Based on the proven Atlas Copco compressor design principles, these pumps feature advanced construction materials and coatings that ensure reliable operation over an extended lifespan, even in challenging environments. The incorporation of corrosion-resistant stainless steel claws makes the DZSVSD⁺ series well-suited for demanding applications while maintaining a compact footprint and delivering high reliability.

The DZS VSD⁺ dry claw vacuum pump is ideally suited for:

  • CNC routing/clamping
  • Food applications
  • Plastic extrusion
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Pick and place
  • Vacuum sewage
  • Paper converting
  • Printing
  • Tobacco
  • Central vacuum systems