Membrane Nitrogen Gas Generators

Discover membrane technology for your operations and save costs!

Membrane nitrogen generators utilize specialized semi-permeable membranes to effectively separate nitrogen gas from the ambient air. This innovative technology ensures a continuous and on-site production of high-purity nitrogen gas, eliminating the need for traditional nitrogen storage or delivery systems. With membrane nitrogen generators, businesses can achieve a self-sustaining nitrogen supply, enhancing efficiency and reducing reliance on external sources for nitrogen.

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Cost-Efficient On-Site Nitrogen Production:

A membrane nitrogen generator offers a strategic shift from relying on expensive third-party vendors to establishing in-house nitrogen production. Beyond the immediate cost savings, this approach delivers a range of operational advantages.

Quick ROI and Operational Benefits:

While an initial investment is required, users of membrane nitrogen generators can swiftly recover the purchasing price. The full spectrum of benefits associated with on-site nitrogen generation contributes to enhanced operational efficiency.

Membrane Technology:

The technology behind membrane nitrogen generators involves a specialized membrane filled with small, hollow polymer fibers. This membrane enables passive separation of nitrogen from compressed air, a process known as permeation, taking place inside a cylindrical tube. Notably, not all gases, vapors, and contaminants present in compressed air pass through the membrane. Nitrogen, being permeated more slowly than oxygen and water vapor, can be effectively separated from the air mixture.

While membrane generators may not achieve the ultra-high nitrogen purity characteristic of PSA technology, they fulfill the requirements of many applications. Ideal uses include tire inflation, fire prevention, tank blanketing, and pipeline drying. A noteworthy advantage of membrane generators is their capability to handle water vapor in the intake air. Moreover, their smaller size and lower noise levels facilitate installation in diverse locations.

Ease of Maintenance:

Users benefit from the simplicity of maintenance associated with membrane nitrogen generators. This, combined with their compact design, makes them a practical and user-friendly choice for businesses looking to optimize their nitrogen production.

Pneumatech’s PMNG range of nitrogen generators utilizes proprietary membrane separation technology. Membrane generators are an excellent choice in low (90%) to medium (99,5%) purity applications such as tire inflation, fire prevention, tank blanketing and pipeline drying. Nitrogen pressures can go up to 12 bar (g) without the need for an additional booster.

Engineered for simplicity, durability and ease of use make the PMNG what we believe to be the most user friendly unit in the market. All pre-filters and controls are included inside the canopy.

Pneumatech PMNG Series - Membrane Nitrogen Generator

Pneumatech PMNG Series - Membrane Nitrogen Generator

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