The first centralised Quincy Vacuum System in New Zealand

What is the idea of circular economy and continuous remanufacturing? When a customer wants to keep their plant running, they quite often consider the re manufacturing of assets. In some cases it might make more sense to refurbish the existing asset, even if the cost of a new machine is the same as the re manufacturing cost. It sounds strange, but it is often the case. Why so? Because the cost of the re manufacturing is mainly comprised of the local labour as opposed to material, energy, transport cost and sales margin for a new asset. Hence the environmental impact is lower, local social contribution is higher and expected monetary value equal.

Though thinking about an upgrade, one should not only consider โ€œincurredโ€ monetary and environmental costs, but most importantly to look into economic and environmental values expected in the future. When a new technology brings energy efficiency, even the most cost efficient remanufacturing will result in opportunity cost.

For the last few years Ash Air has been offering Quincy centralised vacuum systems in New Zealand. One step at a time, in a market when re manufacturing and refurbishing is typically the first choice before replacing, we are seeing more companies switch over to this new system. 

Here at Ash Air, we have seen vacuum pumps made many decades ago, underwent multiple refurbishments and are still running. This doesnโ€™t come as a surprise - one of the most well spread types of vacuum pumps - vane pumps havenโ€™t changed much since decades, offering little reasons for upgrade.

But the time has come. With introduction of the Quincy QSV centralised vacuum system on a meat packing plant, we managed to replace 52 kW of installed power by 30kW Quincy QSV. Quincy screw pump is driven by VSD and runs on average at 80% load, consuming about 24 kW. With the new system we expect to save up to 90,000 kWh per year. On top of that we are aiming at recuperating 10kW of heat . We can heat water to 80C, which can be directly used for sterilization processes. This has a saving potential up to 60,000 kWh per annum.

Additional benefits are stable vacuum level and longer service life time of the pumps. And this is just a beginning, we are now standing in front of the technology gap, ready to jump over and progress towards full adoption of a new energy efficient technology.

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Atlas Copco Fixed speed dry screw vacuum pumps DWS 200-500

Atlas Copco Fixed speed dry screw vacuum pumps DWS 200-500

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Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ Oil Sealed Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump | 350 - 900 VSD+ Series

Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ Oil Sealed Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump | 350 - 900 VSD+ Series

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Atlas Copco Intelligent dry screw vacuum pump with VSD technology  DWS 450-750 VSD+

Atlas Copco Intelligent dry screw vacuum pump with VSD technology DWS 450-750 VSD+

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Claw Pumps

The Ash Air range of rotary claw vacuum pumps is the best alternative to rotary vane pumps. A vacuum claw pump is virtually zero maintenance and compared to rotary vane pumps can work at vacuum levels of 400 to 1000 mbar without overheating. Rotary claw vacuum pumps are the best choice for CNC guided wood routers.

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Liquid Ring Pumps

The Ash Air range of humble liquid ring pumps is still the most reliable form of large volume vacuum generation available today. These liquid ring pumps are simple to use and very reliable, and the best option when sucked air contains a large amount of saturated gas.

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Dry and oil-sealed vane vacuum pumps are robust, affordable and easy in maintenance. You can use DVP vane pumps for wide range of application, for skin packaging, holding, lifting, thermoforming.

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