Vacuum Pumps

You may think you know pretty much everything there is to know about vacuums. You push one around your house to pick up dust on the floor and that’s about all there is to it.

From small-scale experiments to large industrial production lines, vacuum pump failure can force your project into downtime — leading to missed deadlines and revenue loss. For many organisations, sourcing an onsite or offsite backup pump is crucial to safeguarding projects. 

Here, we explore whether your project would benefit from keeping spare vacuum pumps. Let’s begin by looking at having an onsite backup. 

If you have a vacuum system, you need a helium leak detector. You spend a lot of money on vacuum pumps, piping, hardware, and gauges, but if you have a leak, your system ends up not working effectively and you're throwing away money. Leak detection is an important step that you should not skip during your vacuum system application.

Even the most well-constructed vacuum pump can fail after extended use. In industrial applications, for instance, the downtime resulting from pump failures can be prohibitively expensive — especially if it forces production to grind to a halt. 

As easy as it would make all of our lives, vacuum pumps are far from being “one size fits all”. Not only do you have the size to consider when choosing a vacuum pump, but more importantly type. I will briefly touch on some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with each vacuum technology we deal with. This should give you a better understanding of where to begin your search...

A liquid ring vacuum pump is a powerful and steadfast piece of equipment that, if well maintained, can provide years of dependable performance. Whether you purchase a large or small unit, you can rely on a vacuum pump for smooth, consistent and relatively quiet operation for many months on end between each inspection.

So you have a vacuum pump installed and you rely on it for your business operations and performance? Here are some reasons why you should consider overhauling your vacuum pump! s with all machinery and compressed air equipment, regular maintenance can help ensure optimised safer performance of your vacuum pump. Learn more about benefits of restoring, rebuilding and repairing your vacuum pump.

​Which vacuum pump do I need? - this is one of the most frequent questions we receive and this is understandable, because there are number of technologies which can provide the same vacuum level and pumping speed. Here is quick advice on how to choose the best vacuum pump for your needs.