Compressed Air

Compressed air plays an integral role in breweries both large and small around the world. From start to finish, all details in the brewing process are managed in fine detail and having the right air compressor is no exception.

We get it, buying an air compressor is a big financial decision. And now we are suggesting that you need two air compressors, not just one. Ask yourself one question- Can your business still run if your air compressor goes down?

Hydrogen is becoming increasingly important as a promising clean energy carrier – especially with a view to a more climate-friendly future. But have you ever wondered what hydrogen actually is and how it is produced? In this article, we look at the basics and technologies used to produce hydrogen and what makes hydrogen a special element.

Think about efficiency for a minute. Every year with constant innovation, things are becoming even more efficient. Everything from electronics to industrial machinery are being developed to get more done faster while using less power.

While you relax and read this, do you see an electronic appliance around you? Wondering how could you relate to the current read? We got you! Compressed air is all around, in the electronic appliances you use right now.

Potential for growth of micro-organisms in a compressed air system is tied to the moisture level (dew point) of the compressed air. In simple terms, if there is moisture in your compressed air, microorganisms such as mold and bacteria have the environment they need to grow and thrive. While it’s true that as air is compressed, much of the moisture present in the intake air will condense, enough moisture remains to allow micro-organisms to proliferate.

As part of a concerted effort worldwide to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and the impact of industrial operations on the environment, regulatory authorities in many countries have introduced legislation to encourage the manufacture and use ...

As you know, compressed air filters protect your machine from dirt, dust, oil and water. These contaminants are extremely common in the areas you would find a compressed air system and will wear down your machine if not properly filtered out.

Air compressor leaks can be a substantial source of wasted energy in any system, sometimes wasting 20-30% of a compressor's production. Worst of all, a poorly maintained compressor can have a leak rate expected to equal 20% of total compressed air...

Our #1 Focus is Customer Service! Whether you have questions about which compressor is right for you, or if you’re ready to improve your operations and start saving on expenses. Ash Air has been around for over 40 years because we offer reliable and hardworking air compressors, vacuum pumps, and services as well as expert advice and support.

An oil analysis can prevent problems later down the road. It's often been referred to as the blood test for your compressor. Just like a blood test can tell you about your health and early alerts to impending problems, an analysis can do the same for your compressor.

Corrosion in the pipeline is due to insufficient condensation drainage that occurs during compression. The resulting condensate, together with the compressed air, flow further into the compressed air line network and has a negative effect on the pipes. Find out more about how you can prevent corrosion here.

Check out this blog and video included to help you know what you should be looking for when you're thinking about purchasing a Chicago Pneumatic Rotary Screw Compressor for your shop or application. If you want to learn about what a screw compressor actually is, check out this article  

Air compressors are used every day, by many industries around the world. They are often considered the heart of a business, in that most companies will rely on their performance and efficiency to run their operations, to get work done effectively and safely. In your day to day, you've probably seen air compressors in use - whether at a build site powering construction equipment or in a mechanics workshop inflating tyres.

Liquid water in compressed-air systems can lead to rusted equipment and unresponsive controls. Anyone who uses compressed air will, at some point, find liquid water in the air distribution system. This can be anything from a nuisance to a serious problem, depending on the application. If water might corrode equipment or introduce bacteria, removing it is critical. 

Have a look around and what do you see? What are you thinking about? Your next holiday to Queenstown maybe? You might go snowboarding with the kids or have some alone time at the Day Spa. Whatever holiday you choose, compressed air is involved in some way, without you even realising it!