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5 Benefits of a Reciprocating (Piston) Compressor

When you are thinking about an air compressor, you might be have the image of the super popular piston or reciprocating compressor in your mind. The compressor that you see in home workshops, automotive garages pumping up tyres and assisting in spray painting cars.

You'll see these compressors in small factories and are single-phase or three-phase where the air demand isn't continuously needed or too high. The compressor will start automatically when the pressure drops below a set point and will then stop when pressure reaches the set point maximum.

Chicago Pneumatic provided 5 benefits when considering piston compressors that we here at Ash Air think are gold:

1. Relatively Low Maintenance Cost
2. Ability to have high pressure and high power
3. Can be located close to point‐of‐use avoiding lengthy piping runs and pressure drops
4. Durable, efficient and affordable
5. Significant product life

Another reason we will add is that piston compressors have a real advantage of being portable!

Check out this video of our SF302 piston air compressor and it's make up here:

We stock a comprehensive range of Chicago Pneumatic piston compressors. Our piston air compressors are powerful and durable, and excellent for professional workshops where reliability is important. Single phase, three phase, small, and large piston compressors, for workshops, automotive, agricultural and engineering industries.

The team at Ash Air pride themselves on providing quality piston compressor products and outstanding customer service to all our clients. Chat to one of the experienced staff members to find out more which piston compressor is right for your business. 


Check out our piston compressors here:

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