Reviving a Critical Compressed Air System for a Blasting Contractor in Porirua


The Ash Air team, known for their expertise in servicing and maintaining industrial equipment, recently encountered a new challenge at a major customer site in Porirua. Despite having successfully serviced the customer's Seaview Wellington site previously, this was the first time they had to address issues with the compressed air system at the Porirua location.

Product range:   ALUP Allegro 90 Rotary Screw Compressor, Pneumatech AD750 Air Dryer 5000-liter Receiver,, EControl 6 Central Controller

The issue:  A failed Variable Speed Drive (VSD) in one of the rotary screw compressors at the customer's Porirua site, which couldn't be resolved by the previous account holder or the site's electrician.

Technology:  This included a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) for the rotary screw compressors, an upgrade kit formulated by the Ash Air Technical Support Manager, and an EControl 6 central controller for managing the compressed air system.

Business type:  Blasting

Location: Porirua, Lower North Island, New Zealand

Contact our team about Nitrogen Generation for your business today! Contact our team about Nitrogen Generation for your business today!


The customer contacted Ash Air regarding a critical issue with their rotary screw compressors at the Porirua site. Specifically, the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) in one of the compressors had failed, and the previous account holder was unable to find a replacement VSD drive. Even the site's capable electrician couldn't resolve the issue, as they couldn't find a compatible replacement drive that could communicate with the controller.

The solution:

 Our Regional Manager, took charge of gathering essential information about the problem. The Ash Air Technical Support Manager, then formulated an effective solution. They put together an upgrade kit and connected the customer with a trained and qualified electrician who could successfully install the new drive and ensure compatibility with the controller.

The Results:

The Ash Air team's quick and thorough response, coupled with the successful repair of the failed VSD, impressed the customer. As a result, the customer awarded Ash Air with the service of their two existing compressors. Additionally, they placed an order for an ALUP Allegro 90 rotary screw compressor, a Pneumatech AD750 air dryer, a 5000-liter receiver, and an EControl 6 central controller. 

Overall, this successful project not only resolved a critical issue for the customer but also resulted in significant new business for Ash Air. The collaboration and expertise of the team members  played a crucial role in achieving this positive outcome.

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