Chat with our Vacuum division leader!

Most of the products that you see in daily life are using vacuum, and like compressed air, most businesses both world-wide and locally rely on it throughout their day-to-day functions.

Our customers want a reliable process that creates lasting results in a way that is economically, environmentally, and socially responsible. At Ash Air, our Vacuum team bring forward a portfolio of extensive knowledge, coupled with a passion for new challenges that focus on productivity, energy efficiency and safety.    

Here we interview Ross Sinclair!

Tell us about yourselves and what your role entails?

"I have been in vacuum for several years and have been very fortunate to continue in this field here in New Zealand. I manage a fantastic team of service engineers and technical support. We also support all our sales engineers located around the country. One of my functions is to oversee the vacuum overhaul centre in Hamilton where I get to work alongside some of the best engineers I have ever worked with."

Career highlights so far // A memorable experience within the Vacuum division at Ash Air:"For me it would be suppling 9 x QCV 40 claw pumps for evisceration which greatly reduced the customers energy usage by removing the old venturi system."

Contributing to a better future // What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in Vacuum?"Definitely a passion for something different. As the compressor guys say, β€œwe work in an upside-down world”. The applications for vacuum are endless and mostly very interesting and challenging. Don’t be afraid to try and ask for advice specifically within the group as we have some of the best vacuum minds available to us in the group that are always ready to help."

What our General Manager Pompilio Hernadez says:

"Vacuum business is a key product for Ash Air. Our main focus is to offer vacuum solutions to our New Zealand industrial customers and further improve sustainable productivity. Across a dedicated vacuum team,  Ash Air provide customized solutions with the aim to low total cost of ownership in general vacuum applications."

Pompilio Hernandez General Manager - Ash AirΒ 

 Last week some of our Field Service Engineers delved into the world of e-controllers and optimisers at Ash Air Head Office. It was a dynamic blend of hands-on experiences and theoretical insights, ensuring we stay at the cutting edge of Connectivity and Optimisation for your compressed air systems.

The safety and well-being of our team remain our top priority. On April 28, 2024, we commemorated Safety, Health, and Wellbeing Day at Ash Air. This occasion provided us with an opportunity to contemplate the importance of safety, health, and wellbeing in our daily routines. Our celebration at Ash Air is in sync with organizations globally, aligning with the UN's World Day for Safety and Health at Work.