Always learning at Ash Air

In our connected and changing world itโ€™s essential to keep learning and upskilling ourselves. We have a culture that actively promotes continuous learning. Here at Ash Air, we focus on face to face, hands-on trainings for our services engineers, and annual national sales conferences that bring our team from all corners of the country together to support their continuous competence development.

Ash Air, itโ€™s all about how we can help you as a customer to achieve sustainable productivity. Your business performance is what we strive for. We offer complete quality air solutions as well as advanced piping systems for the performance and efficiency of your compressed air system.

With that being said, in order for us to deliver the best possible service to you, we offer comprehensive training systems that provide our team with new skills and knowledge, as well as exemplary after market support. Built on the cornerstone of providing first class service with highly trained personnel, Ash Air have been successfully providing the New Zealand market with compressed air solutions for over 40 years

A recent training event for our service engineers

When we hold a training for our engineers, we always strive for our team to be learning from the best possible people on the job, who have many years experience in the industry, working with compressed air; compressors, vacuum pumps and air treatment. At our trainings, we offer hands on technical experience in the workshop that help our engineers learn to detect and remedy problems that may arise on the job, and teach our team to optimise an installation with a better system knowledge that will reduce operational and energy costs for our customers. All whilst ensuring our engineers maintain a high level of safety throughout their daily activity, and well as ensuring the machines run safely also.

At a recent workshop held over winter, we ran two courses with small focused teams - three or four engineers per group - hosted by the project lead for Field Service Engineer Competence. As well as part of the competence plan incorporating virtual trainings as standard framework, these in person trainings are a great way for our team to work towards their competence level development and FSE appropriate certifications.

We also see value in building our employees up in their own personal experiences as much as we can. To elaborate, in this particular training we wanted to take the experience outside the norm, and have our engineers experience a relatable, yet memorable team building experience. For example, one of the focused teams made their way to a local gliding club, where they were able to be involved with the preparation of the aircraft  for the flights. This involved an engineering aspect with controls, linkages and structure to be operated, checked and tested with a high level of safety compliance. There is also mandatory record keeping just like with have with the Field Service Engineer work that the team do. However, the flight itself is not a 'joy-ride', it is a lesson in flying as a pilot, where the engineers get to see and feel the effects of air flow over control surfaces and experience the need and understand the importance of following procedure.

An activity such as this reinforces to our service engineers the need to have, and the need to follow a procedure as it starts with preparation, then the flying operation and concluding with record keeping.  All with risk, responsibility & liability management built in. It did put the engineers slightly out of their comfort zone but demonstrated that following a predetermined procedure risk was mitigated, just like the teams everyday work. 

A few words from our service engineers that attended the recent winter trainings

"Wayne presented the information really well, very engaging with some funny stories to back up his theory and teachings along the way. His experience is obvious, not just in compressed air but in the wider engineering field. It was good actually to have a little refresher on a few general engineering practices as well. It was great to catch up with some of the guys from other regions as well. I'd be keen to jump on another course, it was definitely worthwhile."

Service Engineer, Northland

โ€œI felt that my knowledge improved by taking the training course. It was great for team building, especially the fun day out that was organized. What I enjoyed most about this training was the hands on experience, and examples that were given as opposed to learning out of a book.โ€ 

Service Engineer, BOP

About Ash Air!

Weโ€™re a leader in our field, part of the largest compressed air company in the world, representing international brands. We have 13 locations throughout New Zealand, providing nationwide coverage, a supportive head office, and a team who are passionate about the performance of New Zealandโ€™s air compressors and vacuum pumps. 

  • We specialise in the sales, service and installation of compressed air and vacuum equipment, blowers and all ancillary equipment. We offer excellent working conditions, competitive remuneration, the back up of a leading team, as well as a host of additional benefits.
  • Ash Air started out as a hire company in 1979. We soon realised a need in New Zealand for a company that specialised in uncompromising service and quality products. By the mid 1980's we were building oil flooded screw compressors for the New Zealand market. Through organic and acquisition growth we soon became the largest company in New Zealand specialising in the compressed air and vacuum service and supply industry.
  • Today, we are part of a global group who are world leaders in compressed air, and we are proud of our dedication to our customers operational longevity by offering sustainable products and services that sit in line with our passion for energy efficiency and your business well-being. More than 9,300 businesses all over New Zealand trust us to set-up, upgrade, and look after their compressed air and vacuum systems.  
  • Our people are our strength. Here at Ash Air, we welcome and encourage applications from people with a diverse variety of experiences, backgrounds and identities. We are committed to equality of opportunity and encourage a dedicated, responsible and conscientious person to apply to join our supportive and dedicated team.

All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence. Applicants for this position must have a full NZ driverโ€™s licence. To apply for a job you must have the right to live and work in New Zealand; however we can provide assistance and guidance for applicants with a good proven track record in the Compressed Air Industries from overseas.


 Last week some of our Field Service Engineers delved into the world of e-controllers and optimisers at Ash Air Head Office. It was a dynamic blend of hands-on experiences and theoretical insights, ensuring we stay at the cutting edge of Connectivity and Optimisation for your compressed air systems.

The safety and well-being of our team remain our top priority. On April 28, 2024, we commemorated Safety, Health, and Wellbeing Day at Ash Air. This occasion provided us with an opportunity to contemplate the importance of safety, health, and wellbeing in our daily routines. Our celebration at Ash Air is in sync with organizations globally, aligning with the UN's World Day for Safety and Health at Work.