A chat with Jono, Sales Engineer for Ash Air

The people of Ash Air is what makes our company great. We have a world of experience behind us with all kinds of people from many backgrounds.

The one thing we all have in common is that we are passionate about what we do and love new challenges. Each day brings us new opportunities to grow, both as individuals and professionals.

Here we chat to our Waikato Sales Engineer, Jonathan Young,

What excites you about your role?

 What excites me the most is the diversity of applications I get to work on at any given time. I am continuously learning about new processes and production methods. Never a mundane moment!


What are the priorities in your job as a Sales Engineer?

My top priority is my customers. I consider myself a business partner rather than a supplier and take great pride in adding value to my customers.


Tell us a typical day in the life?

My days are never the same, this is part of the charm for me. What stands out is travelling the New Zealand country side. Why sit in an office when you can enjoy the fresh air and stunning views!

What is some advice for someone thinking about a career in this sort of industry?

I would say jump in and don’t overthink it. At Ash Air you are surrounded by experienced people, happy to help and pass on their knowledge. There is always someone you can lean on!

If you could have dinner with three inspirational people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

I would love to share a meal with the likes of Ronnie Coleman, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. These guys have faced multiple failures in the beginning of their careers and yet through discipline and refusing to accept defeat, went on to became the world’s best!

 About us

Who we are and how Ash Air can help your business!

Ash Air has been around in New Zealand since 1979, and we’ve grown into a nationwide company with international support and a reputation for quality and reliability.We look after all things compressed air for your business!

Ash Air's range of Chicago Pneumatic, Alup, Pneumatech, and Quincy compressors are used extensively around the world in industries ranging from oil and gas to food, automotive and farming, and we bring you these world class compressors here in the land of the long white cloud.Our technicians are compressed air equipment experts and are dedicated to addressing customer needs. Supported by a 13 locations nationwide, Ash Air offers one of the widest selections of compressed air equipment and parts available today in New Zealand.

Reliability and Efficiency

With Ash Air compressors, you can count on reliability and high performance for even the most demanding applications. We focus our efforts on the following:

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Discover the transformative journey of Ash Air, a trailblazer in compressed air excellence since 1979. With over four decades of commitment to energy efficiency, sustainability, and tailored solutions, Ash Air stands as a reliable partner for industries across New Zealand. As we celebrate our legacy, explore how our nationwide sales and service network continues to empower businesses, providing cutting-edge solutions and ongoing support

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