Compressor Terminology: What are some commonly Used Acronyms

Sometimes in the world of compressors the lingo can be confusing. Unless you are totally immersed in the compressor industry, some of the terminology might be completely lost on you. 

Let's have a look at some commonly used acronymns in the compressed air world:

PSI – Pounds per square inch: A unit of pressure commonly used to measure the operating pressure of compressors.

CFM – Cubic Feet per Minute: A unit measurement used to express the volumetric flow rate of air or gas.

SCFM – Standard Cubic Feet per Minute: similar to CFM, but it represents the volumetric flow rate of air or gas at standard conditions.

VSD – Variable Speed Drive: A technology that allows the speed of the compressor motor to be adjusted, resulting in energy savings and improved efficiency.

HP – Horsepower: A unit of power used to quantify the output or capacity of a compressor motor.

RPM – Revolutions per Minute: A measure of the rotational speed of a compressor’s motor of compressor pump.

FAD – Free Air Delivery – the volume flow rate of gas compressed and delivered at the standard discharge point, referred to the atmospheric conditions of the site, not affected by the compressor.

RH – Relative Humidity – the typical relative humidity for ambient air is around 60-80%. It is defined as the ratio between the water content to the amount of water the air can possibly hold at the same temperature.

DP – Dew Point – can be described as the temperature at which dew/condensation occurs.

PDP - Pressure Dew Point – describes the water content in the air at actual pressure.

ADP - Atmospheric Dew Point – Describes the water content at the ambient pressure. Some customers who expand their air back to atmospheric pressure at the point of use and then use it in their process are interested in this value.

These are just some of the acronyms are commonly used in the compressor industry, and understanding their meanings can help you be better equipped to engage in discussions, make informed decisions, and appreciate the critical role that compressors play in various industries.

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