• DVP LC.305 Oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump, 305 m3/h, 0.5 mbar LC.305/TM

    NZ$10,925.00 (inc GST)

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    Simple and versatile vacuum pump

    Designed for continuous duty in range 0.5-400 mbar this oil sealed pump can be used for food packing, holding, lifting, thermoforming and many other applications

    Key Benefits

    • 0.5 mbar ultimate vacuum
    • Low oil consumption
    • Integraed gas ballast
    • Simple installation


    Ultimate Vacuum 0.5 mbar
    Pumping Speed 305 m3/min
    Motor Size 7.5 kW
    Weight 180 kg
    Dimensions 965 x 538 x 444 mm
    Noise Level 62 dB(A)