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  • DVP LC.20. Oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump, 20 m3/min, 2 mbar

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    Simple and versatile vacuum pump

    Designed for continuous duty in range 2-400 mbar this oil sealed pump can be used for food packing, holding, lifting, thermoforming and many other applications.

    The LC. 20 is an oil lubricated pump made of a compact design to give low noise when operating, a simple oil check and refill. In order for the lack of oil vapor at the outlet, the damping and recovery system is equipped with a by-pass and a new float type oil recovery valve. It can be used continuously as long as it has a pressure range of 400 to 2 mbar.

    It includes an exhaust mist eliminator that eliminates the unwanted mist, a gas ballast, an oil check valve and a pack of BV32 oil.

    • Technology: rotary vane
    • Lubrication: lubricated
    • Number of stages: single-stage
    • Other characteristics: compact
    • Flow rate: 20 m³/h, 24 m³/h (706.29 ft³/h)
    • Ultimate vacuum: 2 mbar (0.03 psi)
    Motor Size 0.75 kW
    Ultimate Vacuum 2 mbar
    Pumping Speed 20 m3/h
    Weight 17 kg
    Dimensions 352 x 230 x 160 mm
    Noise Level 64 dB(A)
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