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  • DVP LC.106 Oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump, 106 m3/h, 0.1 mbar

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    DVP LC.106

    Simple and versatile vacuum pump

    Designed for continuous duty in range 0.1-400 mbar this oil sealed pump can be used for food packing, holding, lifting, thermoforming and many other applications.

    Compact design, low noise level, ease of oil check and refill and simplified maintenance operation, are the main features of this series.
    The damping and recovery system, equipped with a by-pass, together with the new float type oil recovery valve, ensures the absence of oil vapours at the outlet.
    Moreover, a sealing device prevents the oil from being sucked back should the pump stops under vacuum.
    The motor-pump connection is via a flexible drive coupling.
    The standard version is suitable for continuous operation within a pressure range from 400 to 0,1 mbar (Abs.).

    Standard equipment includes:
    Exhaust mist eliminator
    Gas Ballast with cut-off valve
    Oil check valve
    Pack of BV100 oil

    • Technology: rotary vane
    • Lubrication: lubricated
    • Number of stages: single-stage
    • Other characteristics: compact
    • Flow rate: 106 m³/h, 127 m³/h (3,743.35 ft³/h)
    • Ultimate vacuum: 0.1 mbar (0 psi)


    Motor Size 2.2 kW
    Ultimate Vacuum 0.1 mbar
    Pumping Speed 106 m3/h
    Weight 70.5 kg
    Dimensions 743 x 392 x 292 mm
    Noise Level 66 dB(A)
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