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  • DVP SC.60 Dry rotary vane vacuum pump, 60 m3/h, 120 mbar

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    Dry rotary vane vacuum pump

    Dry vane pumps are robust and can be used continuously in the vacuum level above 400 mbar. These pumps can work in vacuum and compressor mode depending on configuration You can use dry vane pumps for wide range of application.

    SC 60 series oil free pump is mounted with a rotor fitting on the shaft through two bearing units. A versatile coupling scheme is integrates to provide connection within the system. This pump assembly is also incorporated with a fan fixture, which is located at between the housing and the motor engine. This setup allows optimal cooling scheme. rigid enclosure, and reduced noise output.

    • Technology: rotary vane
    • Lubrication: oil-free
    • Number of stages: single-stage
    • Other characteristics: compact
    • Flow rate: 60 m³/h, 70 m³/h (2,118.88 ft³/h)
    • Ultimate vacuum: 120 mbar (1.74 psi)


    Motor Size 1.5 kW
    Ultimate Vacuum 120 mbar
    Pumping Speed 60 m3/h
    Weight 66 kg
    Dimensions 682 x 363 x 382 mm
    Noise Level 70 db(A)
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