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  • Pompetravaini Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump TRMB 25-30 | (30 m3/h, 33 mbar)

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    Simple and reliable vacuum pump

    Liquid ring vacuum pump is the best choice in cases when sucked air contains large amount of saturated gas. The design is robust and pump can process large amount of condensate without risk of damaging the pump. Saturated gas is condensing in pump which makes pump more efficient compared to other type of pumps.

    • Bronze impeller
    • Low noise level
    • Compact installation
    • Low water flow
    • Reliable suction valves
    Motor Size 0.75 kW
    Ultimate Vacuum 33 mbar
    Pumping Speed 35 m3/h
    Weight 17 kg
    Dimensions 390 x 211 x 155 mm
    Noise Level 69 dB (A)
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