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  • Quincy Dry Claw Vacuum Pump QCV-180 | (295 m3/h, 140 mbar)

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    Low maintenance cost and wide operating range

    Claw vacuum pumps are contactless pumps. They don’t require oil and hence feature low maintenance cost. Claw can be used as compressors or vacuum pump.    

    This pump is the best choice if you need to run continuously at vacuum level above 400 mbar, in the range where rotary vane pump are struggling with overheating and high oil carry over.

    • Stainless steel rotors
    • Easy vacuum chamber cleaning - no timing needed after rotor disassembly
    • Can be run with VSD
    • Can continuously run at vacuum level range 400-1000 mbar
    Motor Size 6.2 kW
    Ultimate Vacuum 140 mbar
    Pumping Speed 295 m3/h
    Weight 252 kg
    Noise Level 78 dB (A)
    Available from stock. Delivery to your address will take 2-4 business days. Please enquire before purchase for best shipping price.
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