Medical Air & Vacuum Systems

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Medical Air Systems

Medical air solutions fully adaptable to your needs

Our Medical Air Plant provides a reliable, centralised medical air supply. Systems are available from simplex up to hexaplex configurations. They are supplied as a fully modular assembly ensuring ease of on-site installation.

The systems consist of carefully designed medical compressors with after coolers, air receiver(s), duplex filtration dryer and pressure regulation assembly, all necessary control cabinets, circuitry and interconnecting cabling.

State-of-the-art control: Our Purelogic™ Central Controller provides optimal control and monitoring of your machines, increased reliability and reduced energy consumption

Flexible system layout: We offer our Medical Air System as a modular configuration for easy on-site installation and maintenance

Medical Vacuum Systems

Pneumatech MGS Medical Vacuum Systems are intended to provide a continuous supply of medical vacuum to a pipeline system in healthcare facilities. The centralised medical vacuum system is available with two to six vacuum pumps. The vacuum plant can be configured as a packaged or modular system.

Monitoring and controls: The PMGS medical vacuum system is supplied with the Purelogic™ Central Controller which sequences and controls the vacuum pumps. Real-time status can be viewed on any computer connected to the hospital’s LAN network as standard

Modular concept: Our plants can be configured as a packaged or modular system, with two to six medical vacuum pumps