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DVP LC.25. Oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump, 25 m3/min, 0.5 mbar

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Simple and versatile vacuum pump

Designed for continuous duty in range 0.5-400 mbar this oil sealed pump can be used for food packing, holding, lifting, thermoforming and many other applications.

OIL LUBRICATED PUMP LC.25 is equipped with oil lubrication that makes lubrication of moving parts and attaining significantly better pressures possible.The size of the exhaust filters determines the pressure range within which these pumps may be used continuously.The presence of lubrication makes these pumps to take in small amounts of water vapour.To prevent the vapour from condensing inside the pump "Gas ballast" are provided.DVP has developed a pump version called the WR in which this device has been improved and enhanced.The pumps are fitted with anti-suck-back valve at the intake to prevent oil from returning into the user system.The main applications include: vacuum packaging of food products,degassing of pastes and clay,glass,marble and woodworking machines and electro-medical equipment

  • Technology: rotary vane
  • Lubrication: lubricated
  • Number of stages: single-stage
  • Other characteristics: compact
  • Flow rate: 25 m³/h, 29 m³/h (882.87 ft³/h)
  • Ultimate vacuum: 0.5 mbar (0.01 psi)


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