ALUP ALLEGRO 76 Oil Injected Screw Compressor with Variable Speed Drive

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Advanced gear-driven VSD compressor for high technology applications

Alup Allegro 76 screw compressor provide high-quality air for wide range of industrial applications. Allegro air compressors are built around three features which make the, stand out: Superior efficiency; Intelligent control; Ultimate reliability and serviceability.

Up to 35% of energy consumption can be saved through a combination of advanced elements, compared to a fixed speed machine of the same size. This series is a brilliant choice for modern engineering and manufacturing facilities. Equipped with Aircontrol 5.1 controllers, the machine operates to its maximum efficiency when you have a full control of your compressed air system.

Benefits of Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

  • High energy efficiency with an intelligent inverter and sensors
  • Smooth start - no peak current penalties on mechanical parts at start-ups (prolong components' life)
  • Reduced system pressure = Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced system pressure = Minimised air leakages

Optimize your energy consumption

Did you know that energy costs represent about 70% of the total operating cost of your compressor over a 5-year period? That’s why reducing the energy consumption of your compressed air installation should be a major focus.
For the right application, variable speed technology, such as on the Allegro variable frequency drive compressor, can cut the energy bill of your compressor by up to 35%. The Allegro reduces energy consumption in the following ways:
β€’ The variable frequency drive compressor matches air supply with demand therefore reducing energy consumption when the demand is lower. If the demand is stable then the Air Control 5.1 guarantees a fixed set pressure.
β€’ No unload cycles above 20% load.
β€’ No peak current due to soft start