Why is regular maintenance of your rotary screw compressor important?

Like all compressor types, rotary screw models do require periodic maintenance. Thanks to the simplicity of the internal components, maintenance is relatively easy on most rotary air compressors. As long as you stick to a rotary screw compressor maintenance schedule, you will likely be rewarded with many, many years of optimal productivity from your machine.


1. Save Time and Money

When you stick to a screw compressor maintenance schedule, you reduce the risk of system downtime at unexpected intervals. With routine checkups, you can spot potential problems the moment they arise, before they get out of hand and grow into more serious issues. The earlier you identify a problem, the easier and less costly it is to remedy. In many cases, a problem detected early can be rectified in a few minutes with no money spent.

Routine maintenance also saves time in the long run. In any industry, system downtime is costly and time-consuming. The time that a compressor remains down and inoperable is productivity lost. Even just a few hours of downtime can result in untold losses. With regular air compressor maintenance, you lower the risk of costly downtime.

2. Prevent Emergency Repairs

One of the biggest risks of an irregular air compressor maintenance schedule is the chance of sudden, unexpected emergencies. If you only inspect your compressor on occasional, irregular intervals, you are not keeping track of how it performs on the inside. Even if the compressor seems fine on the outside and was purchased within the past few years, there could still be internal issues taking root that you are liable to miss if you only perform inspections on an infrequent, irregular basis.

In a worst case scenario, your compressor might stop functioning for reasons that could be hard to pinpoint. Consequently, a diagnosis could be even more time-consuming and costly. With consistent, periodic maintenance, you can pinpoint issues early and have them remedied almost immediately.

3. Improve Your Compressor’s Life Expectancy

When you stick to a rotary screw air compressor maintenance schedule, you can extend the compressor’s life expectancy. Over the years that you use the machine, you could ultimately get a better return on your initial investment by inspecting the compressor on a regular basis. As with any motorized machine, an air compressor will generally last longer when it is well-maintained and inspected according to a strict schedule.

Routine maintenance can also help you turn your initial investment into an enormous return. If and when the time comes that you finally replace the machine with a newer model, the old compressor will have likely yielded a fortune regarding productivity.


Ash Air can help you with your Rotary Screw Compressor needs

We keep more than a hundred compressors on stock in New Zealand in the range from 5.5HP to 100HP. Chicago Pneumatic and ALUP rotary screw compressors are manufactured in Europe and offer modern design, proven technology, and reliability. Air Compressors are available as the full feature with integrated dryer, with variable speed drive, tank mounted and other features. We also offer oil-free spiral and water injected compressors for food manufacturing, hospitals, and laboratories. Chat to our experts, we will help you to answer questions about what can you use the compressor for, what compressor is the best and learn about air compressor efficiency. You can view our rotary screw compressor range here and check out our Parts & Services pages for your compressor servicing requirements.

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