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8 air tools you should own

Okay, okay, we're a bit excited. With the recent launch of our air tools in our online shop. Here's a 101 for you about what air tools you might need in your air compressor tool kit. Air tools are prevalent in automotive industries, woodworking, construction, metalwork and more. Did you know that there's pretty much an air-powered version nearly any power tool on the market? We want to share with you our 'Must have Air Tools'.

Air tools are super efficient, producing high speeds with lower torque whilst being smaller and more compact than many electric tools out there.

Here are 8 types of air tools we recommend you to have in your toolbox.

  1. Air Wrenches - a very popular type of air tools, these are perfect for DIY auto mechanic and professional automotive workshops. When using an air wrench, you'll be surprised that when you're removing a wheel you can service two or three wheels in the time that it would take you to do traditional lug wrench. Air Ratchet wrenches are also excellent to allow you to fit in to tighter spots than an air impact wrench does.
  2. Air Drill - has a few advantages over an electric drill - it's smaller and allows you to fit in to tight spaces. It gets cooler the more you run it, and it won't burn out if you overload it. In fact, you can't actually overload an air drill. For heavier duty drilling like machining, an air drill is the only way to go. So, for heavy duty drilling work like machining, an air drill is the only way to go. As an added benefit, an air drill is safer for explosive environments or around flammables, making it a good choice for automotive work.
  3. Air Hammer - you can use an air hammer for carving, chiseling, or breaking through metal. Air hammers are able to take a beating, and are great for the same reasons and type of work that air drills are.
  4. Air Die Grinder - If you do any polishing, sanding, honing, or machining wood, metal, or plastic, you might find an air die grinder to be a handy tool. You can get different heads and attachments to make this a versatile tool
  5. Air Cut-Off Tool - An air cutoff tool is vital for any metalwork, and is especially handy for automotive exhaust work and machining. With tons of different disc-shaped heads designed to cut through different materials, air cut-off tools are versatile and powerful. They’ll get you out of a a lot of jams.
  6. Air Stapler - An air stapler works like a nail gun, but shoots staples instead of nails. It will save your hand over the course of a job, especially if you planned on using a manual stapler. If you’re planning on doing a project that will require a lot of tacks or staples, invest in one of these. You won’t regret it.
  7. Air Sander - For the same reasons and jobs an air drill beats out an electric drill, an air sander beats out an electric sander. Smaller, doesn’t over heat, and safer in flammable and combustible surroundings, the air sander is a must for heavy duty sanding work. There are tons of different heads available for virtually any sanding job.  

With the right air tools, you can do a professional-looking job in a much shorter amount of time. Air tools are more compact and deliver higher speeds than their electric counterparts.

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