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Thursday, February 21, 2019

How Do I Maintain My Piston Air Compressor?

There are crucial reasons why you should service and maintain your compressor regularly, with the most common issues being piston failure caused by wear of components, increased friction, corrosion, reduced cooling, overheating bearings and components, clogging of air filters.

You may find that your piston compressor has low performance and higher energy result by lack of maintenance, as well as a limited operation range; all due to the piston compressor oil oxidising over time! We have carefully selected the best compressor oil air air filter for the job.

We recommend that you service your compressor every six months! It's easy and you can do it yourself. Check out this intuitive video below on how to service your piston air compressor:

We have put together a number of kits to help you service your piston compressor. Our compressor maintenance kits contain filter(s) and reputable AltAir Piston Oil, specifically paired to work seamlessly together.

The combined result of this kit is formulated to keep your compressor running efficiently, reducing operating temperatures, maintenance costs, and assuring clean air for optimum compressor performance. The piston compressor oil provides an anti-rust and anti-corrosion protection. The AltAir piston compressor oil provides superior resistance of the oil film minimises losses caused by friction. This improves sealing and enhances your compressor’s performance. The high demulsion level of AltAir oil allows for an efficient separation of oil from the condensate water. The high antioxidant capacity of the compressor oil ensurers that your compressor performs to its capacity consistently.

Check out our service maintenance kits in our online shop: