How Are Desiccant Dryers Used in the Food & Beverage Industry?

Compressed air is a key utility supporting the food packaging and food processing industries. It is used in machines that fill products such as cakes, pies, and liquid products, as well as during the packaging and transportation of snacks, vegetables, beer, soda and other items.. Compressed air must be moisture and contaminant-free to ensure the protection of the food products processed in each facility.ย 

When air compressors are used for bottling, packaging, production, keg washing, etc. compression of ambient air pulls in all the humidity and particulates that are floating around in the air. That concentration of liquid and contaminates will get down stream of the compressor and cause many issues for a business of any size. Because food & beverage manufacturers are focused on sanitation to ensure there is nothing introduced into food or beverages, preventing these contaminates and humidity from reaching the product is imperative.

To do this, filters and compressed air dryers are used. Filters prevent particles and contaminates from ruining the final product. Dryers prevent humidity and condensation from getting into the ingredients, packaging and the products. Dryers also help keep any equipment in an assembly or production line from becoming clogged or rusted overtime because of condensation. This keeps the packaging line moving and reducing any downtime.

While refrigerated dryers can sometimes be used in non-contact applications, desiccant dryers must be used for any contact applications. A contact application is any step during the food and beverage manufacturing process in which the compressed air will come in direct contact with the food or beverage during production, packaging or transportation. To make sure there is no moisture in the compressed air that can spoil food, deteriorate packaging or help aid in the transfer of contaminates, a desiccant dryer is used to purify the air to a lower dew point. This ensures that it is as dry as possible before coming in contact with the final product.

Air treatment is often initially overlooked in the planning process of many industries, but it is imperative to make sure you are using filters, dryers, condensate management and nitrogen to produce the best product without contaminates. Pneumatech offers multiple products that provide a full solution for any F&B industry. To learn more about Pneumatechย dryersย and Pneumatech nitrogenย generators, click the links.

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