Can My Air Compressor Be Outside?

The 3 'W’s' before installing your compressor outdoors.

Considering installing your air compressor outside? Think again. The temptation to save space may sound enticing, but in the long haul is will cost you. Here are the 3 “W’s” to consider before moving or installing your air compressor outdoors.

1. Water:

As you know, moisture is the biggest enemy to any air compressor. Making sure to protect it from rain & snow would be critical to the longevity of your machine. Moisture in a machine can cause rust in your tools & equipment. Also, depending on what you are using your machine for it, water can ruin spraying finishes and painting.

2. Weather:

Extremely cold weather can be very hard on your compressor causing it to fail and as we know, that costs you money. In very cold environments, storing your unit indoors is almost a necessity. Your control valves, drains and lines must be kept from freezing. Remember, rotary screw compressors are not meant to Stored or operated in weather or temps below 34° F. Your compressor oil may not freeze, but the compressor’s condensate is susceptible to freezing in low temperatures since the liquid consists mainly of water. Condensate could turn to ice anywhere that it collects on or in your compressor and compressor controls adversely affecting the way the system operates.

3. Wear:

Your compressor needs air from a clean, cool source. The cleaner the air your compressor intakes the longer it will last and the better it will perform. Outside air contains dirt, dust and debris that will be sucked into your machine when running. A filthy air filter is only hurting your air compressor by allowing dirty air from the outside in, plus forcing it to work harder to intake air. Check your filters regularly and change them if you notice a heavy buildup of dust and dirt. Moving your compressor outside can be done, however it does come at a risk to your business and your compressor. If you do decide to install it outside, please make sure to keep it covered, insulate your machine & regularly check and maintain.

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