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DVP SC.100 Dry rotary vane vacuum pump, 100 m3/h, 120 mbar

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Dry rotary vane vacuum pump

Dry vane pumps are robust and can be used continuously in the vacuum level above 400 mbar. These pumps can work in vacuum and compressor mode depending on configuration. You can use dry vane pumps for wide range of application.

The SC.100 assembled by DVP pumps, is an oil-free rotary vane pump and compressor that features a motor integrated via flexible coupling. This series of vacuum pumps is equipped with a rotor, installed on the shaft, and fixed by two bearings. Furthermore, it has a fan mounted between the pump housing and the motor in order to guarantee an ideal cooling and a low noise operation.

  • Technology: rotary vane
  • Lubrication: oil-free
  • Number of stages: single-stage
  • Other characteristics: compact
  • Flow rate: 100 m³/h, 115 m³/h (3,531.47 ft³/h)
  • Ultimate vacuum: 120 mbar (1.74 psi)


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