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Vacuum Pumps

The team at Ash Air has an extensive range of top quality vacuum pumps and equipment, including rotary vane pumps, liquid ring pumps, claw pumps and screw pumps that are low maintenance, energy-efficient, reliable, affordable and hard working.

Claw Pumps

The Ash Air range of rotary claw vacuum pumps is the best alternative to rotary vane pumps. A vacuum claw pump is virtually zero maintenance and compared to rotary vane pumps can work at vacuum levels of 400 to 1000 mbar without overheating. Rotary claw vacuum pumps are the best choice for CNC guided wood routers.

The Quincy vacuum pump offers low maintenance costs and a wide operating range.

This claw pump is contactless and does not need oil, and is ideal as a rotary claw vacuum pump for a number of applications, either as a compressor or vacuum pump.

Liquid Ring Pumps

The Ash Air range of humble liquid ring pumps is still the most reliable form of large volume vacuum generation available today. These liquid ring pumps are simple to use and very reliable, and the best option when sucked air contains a large amount of saturated gas.

Designed and manufactured to be robust, Pompetravaini pumps can process a lot of condensation without damage to the pump by condensing the gas in the pump to make it more efficient compared to other liquid ring pumps.

Pompetravaini liquid ring pumps have a low noise level and water flow, a stainless-steel impeller, reliable suction valves, and a compact installation. Contact us today to find out more about our range of liquid ring pumps.

Rotary Vane Pumps

Dry and oil-sealed vane vacuum pumps are robust, affordable and easy in maintenance. You can use DVP vane pumps for wide range of application, for skin packaging, holding, lifting, thermoforming.

At Ash Air we pride ourselves on supplying quality, reliable rotary vane vacuum pumps to our customers, with industry-leading servicing and spare parts for all brands. We offer 24/7 nationwide support with experienced engineers on hand to help when and where you need it.

Sub Categories

Screw Pumps

We have a quality range of oil-sealed screw pumps for sale that are energy efficient and have low life-cycle costs.

The Quincy QSV screw pump is equipped with variable speed drive and will give you full control over vacuum levels and flow rates. These screw pumps are used in centralized vacuum systems including packaging in meat production.

The screw pumps we have for sale have an up to 50% energy saving through vacuum level control and VSD and are a fully-integrated solution for plug and play installation.

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