Liquid Ring Pumps

Engineered systems to suit your needs

We offer Atlas Copco LRP VSD+ intelligent liquid ring vacuum offers superior vacuum performance and connectivity. It provides optimum energy efficiency along with low operational and maintenance costs. Its ease of use, integration into existing processes and centralization capabilities make this a truly unique liquid ring vacuum pump.

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Twin Variable Speed Drives

1st VSD for vacuum set point control to maintain and match required vacuum levels. 2nd VSD regulates the water circulation pump, offering you optimized water flow and stable vacuum levels

Plug and Play

Cleverly engineered in a smart design the LRP VSD+ series is enclosed under a strong canopy offering a sleek and ergonomic look with the HMI, inlet, outlet and main cable connections located on top of the canopy

Smart monitoring and remote controllability

Atlas Copco’s HEX@GRID central controller allows you to monitor, control and optimize the performance of multiple LRP VSD+ vacuum pumps simultaneously

Anti - Seizure Prevention algorithm

A safe operation that prevents the LRP VSD+ vacuum pump from seizure after a prolonged period of inactivity