• Piston compressor oil Altair 2 L can. 0T16PV8RR1

    NZ$53.80 (inc GST)

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    Compressor oil for piston compressors. 2 L can.

    ALTAIR meet all required high-end specifications, are extensively tested and are therefore approved to be used on our complete compressor range.

    Compressor oil specially formulated to meet the requirements of Ashair SF302 as well as Chicago Pneumatic, ABAC, Ceccato oil injected piston air compressors.

    With the proper use of our high quality lubricants you will extend the life of your compressor, lower and control maintenance costs and maximize the compressor’s efficiency. Built to perform and designed to protect. 

    Key Benefits

    • Heavy duty
    • high temperature conditions

Saving and benefit

Ash Air offers site audits including ultrasonic leak detection, data-logging, equipment and application assessments. Our certified engineers can analyse your system and suggest the best solution that will save you energy and money.