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  • Medical Gas Terminal Units

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    Medical Gas Terminal Units

    Our terminal units provide a safe means of supplying medical equipment with medical gases from the central gas supply system

    Safe design: All of our gas outlets undergo a strict pressure and leak tests to ensure the safety of our products

    Clear gas indication: Our terminal units contain clear gas indication, reducing the risk of connecting a socket assembly of one gas to terminal block to another

    Smart look and feel: Both the East SP and Zeus SP are enclosed in a white ABS decorative mounting box. The fascia have rounded corners to avoid possibility of injury

    East SP and Zeus SP Terminal Units

    The East SP terminal unit has an all metal construction, offering superior strength, wear resistance and longevity. A full complement of gas specific indexes is available including oxygen, nitrous oxide, O2/N2O, medical air, surgical air, vacuum, AGSS/WAGD, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

    Our Zeus SP terminal units benefit from precision moulded second fix components, delivering a perfect tactile and leak free connection year after year.

    Key Points

    • Factory tested and certified.
    • High quality components.
    • Integral check valve.
    • Conversion terminal units available.
    • MRI compatible.
    • All metal construction (only for East SP).


    • HTM02-01, HTM2022, C11 and all related BS EN ISO standards.

    Easy installation

    • Available as a complete kit, or as separate first and second fix components so that supply can be matched to the progress of site work at larger installations.
    • First fix incorporates a copper stub for ease of installation using inert gas jointing procedures. 

    Mounting Options

    • Wall mounted, flush or surface fitting.
    • Bedhead trunking.
    • Pendant or boom.
    • NIST connection.
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