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    Pendant Systems

    Our pendants provide you a solution for carrying critical services such as medical gas terminal units and electrical circuitry

    Bespoke design offering: We offer an array of arm lengths, ranging from 600mm to 1200mm and can be supplied as solo or dual arm arrangements for maximum flexibility

    Flexible movement: Heavy duty arms provide 330° rotation, whilst Standard duty arms and Rotation and service heads provide 340° rotation

    Ceiling Service solutions for maximum flexibility

    Multi-movement Arm Pendants: Our articulated arm pendant systems provide large carrying capacity for services such as medical gas, power supplies and video imaging. We provide multi movement arms for operating theatres, providing both lateral and cantilever movement. This enables critical services to be placed as close to the patient as possible. Systems are tested and verified within our factory and come fully certified for complete peace of mind.

    Rigid and Retractable Pendants: Both rigid and retractable models are provided to a specific length suitable to provide 2,000mm underneath clearance for safety of the user. Rigid units are of fixed length whereas retractable units provides 300mm of vertical movement. Retractable columns are operated by the easy to use pneumatic hand controller, positioned on the bottom of the column.

    Key Points

    • Factory tested and certified.
    • Bespoke design offering flexibility.
    • Easy to install.
    • User-friendly operation.
    • Large range of options.
    • Maintenance free bearings and brake system.



    • Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42/EEC.
    • ISO 13485; ISO 11197, ISO 7396-1, ISO 60601-1.
    • HTM 02-01 & HTM 2022
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