• Chicago Pneumatic CP2550 - 2.5 HP 50 L tank (8.8 cfm, 10 bar) Piston Compressor TD2550

    NZ$454.25 (inc GST)

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    Simple & Reliable - 2.5HP piston compressor CP2550 on a 50 L tank (8.8 cfm, 10 bar)

    The Chicago Pneumatic 2.5 HP piston compressor is perfect for your professional workshop. It can be used for nailing, wrenching and other tasks.

    This is 10 bar compressors which gives you higher impact and more flexibility in use. (Unlike majority of compressors on the market, which are 8 bar). 

    It is built with reliable aluminium pump and features oil-level indicator, pressure regulator, strong wheels, receiver- and working pressure gauges. Strong handle protects pressure switch and gauges from mechanical damage. Widely positioned support legs and wheels prevent from tipping over, especially while transporting in your truck. Large 50L tank reduces motor cycling. This compressor features IP54 motor,  reliable Condor pressure switch and 10 amp plug.

    Available from stock. Delivery to your address will take 2-4 business days.

    All of New Zealand Urban delivery $50 incl. GST

    New Zealand Rural delivery North and South islnads $149.50 incl. GST

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    Key Benefits

    • 10 bar (145 psi)
    • 1 phase /10 AMP plug
    • Light weight
    • Clear oil level indicator
    • Strong wheels 
    • 50L tank


    Pump Displacement 8.8 cfm
    Motor Size 2.5HP
    Tank Sizes 50 L
    Maximum Pressure 10 bar (145 psi)
    Type Direct driven oil lubricated compressor
    Weight 37 kg
    Dimensions 76 x 33 x 59 cm
    Free Air Delivery 4.17 cfm (118 l/min)